Saturday, June 26, 2010

Glove in a Bottle -Guest Review from SpudsBud -

Reader SpudsBud decided to submit a review for my blog. I said I'd be happy to post his review for him. This is my first "guest" blogger, reviewer, so go easy on us. We're new to this!

Glove in a Bottle - by SpudsBud

My hands had gotten so dry they they would spit open and bleed.I tried all the hand lotions and salves but they didn't work.Well some were beginning to work but they left my hands too greasy. Even after I would wash my hands as soon as I would start sweating the greasy feeling would come back. An lets face it greasy hands not the best thing for a forklift driver.

Then someone told me about "Glove in a Bottle". I was reluctant to try it (13 dollars for a 8 oz bottle) but I was tired of bloody hand prints on my paperwork and not being able to knit. So I caved in a bought a bottle.

At CVS I did not find in the Skin Care isle, but back by the pharmacy.

When I first put it on I thought it felt more like a powder then a lotion. My hands didn't feel greasy or smell flowery - 2 big pluses. And true to it's promise, it didn't wear off right away. At work I was my hands with abrasive industrial hand cleaner and not even that stripped it off.

I put Glove in a Bottle on 4 times a day:
  • when I first wake up at 7 am
  • after I work out
  • at my 7 pm lunch
  • at 1 am (no I'm not a crack head i work second shift).

It's not something you will notice a huge change with the first time you try it  but within a few days my hands have quit splitting and the don't look chalky.


Thanks to SpudsBud for this guest review. If you would like to review something on Pretty In Dayton, just let me know and we'll talk!