Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jillian Dempsey For Avon Professional Multi-Pencil in Raspberry Radiance - Review

Here's another item from the Avon treasure trove I obtained from Jennyitup:

Jillian Dempsey For Avon Multi-Pencil in Raspberry Radiance

Lip/Cheek Side

Eye Side
(can you tell it didn't stand up to first application?)

Swatches: Top is the "Lip/Cheek Side" Bottom is the "Eye Side"

I wasn't really sure how to approach this review since there are really two products in one here. But here goes. 

About the Product
The Jillian Dempsey Multi-Pencils are available from Avon for $8 a pop. With it you get a pencil that has two sides: A Lip/Cheek side, and an Eye side. Together they are supposed to create the perfect (I assume basic) look. I'm going to look at each side individually.

Lip/Cheek Side
I must admit, this pencil was awesome and I would purchase this side of the pencil for $8 alone. I used both on my lips and on my cheeks. For the lips the pencil did a great job of both lining my lips and filling  them in. The color was GORGEOUS and had decent lasting time (meaning, after my big cup of tea I still had color on my lips). It was not as rough as other pencils can feel, but a nice smooth glide. On my Cheeks, I just dotted it along my cheek bone and blended with my finger tips. No trouble at all. Super easy and FAST. 

Eye Side
This was disappointing for several reasons. First of all, unless you are lilly white like me, I doubt you will find much use for this as a "nude" shadow unless you like really bright highlighters. There's no way this could be a total eye look unless you have the intention of using this as a wash on a complimentary skin tone (which I honestly didn't even like it on mine). The second not-so-great thing is that this side is VERY crumbly. It's so smooth it breaks, and it doesn't apply evenly. I had to use my fingers to blend. Not very convenient.  I also did not try it over a base - and it creased badly after a couple of hours. 

Overall, I would LOVE to try other color combination to see if they worked out better than this one. There could be a nice one in this collection, of which there are 2 other sets. This is so close to being the perfect Traveling Companion for the makeup lover on the go that it kills me that I disliked the eye side so much. 

By the way, the online swatch made "Raspberry Radiance" look more like "Sugar Plum". So don't trust the swatches on their site.

Bottom Line
The Lip is worth it. Leave the eye alone.

Face using Raspberry Radiance as my only "color"
(lips, cheeks and eyes)

Full Disclosure
The products in this review were furnished to me by a third party for review consideration. I was not paid to provide this review, and have provided my honest opinion of the product. I don't sell Avon, nor am I affiliated with Avon in any way (that I know of).