Monday, June 14, 2010

My New Haircut - And Awesome Dresses from Francesca's Collection at The Greene

Just wanted to share that I got a new haircut this weekend. Yes, I went to Hausefelds. Yes Genny, the most wonderful stylist in the world, cut my hair. Yes, this photo sucks. I look like a washed out tired person in it. In my defense, I did go to sleep as soon as I got home.

The idea was to hide those little whispies left over from when I burned my hair on the birthday cake. So Genny made some layered bangs.

Here it is from the side:

I am loving the caramel colored highlights Genny put in. My husband thought it was a touch too streaky but I don't mind it. I've had MUCH streakier haircuts that weren't streaky on purpose.

Stylist Fashion
I couldn't get over Genny's dress when I was getting my hair cut. It just looked so cute on her! She let me in on where she got it: Francesca's Collection at The Greene. She said it cost around $30. Coincidentally, Genny's friend Allison was getting her hair cut at the same time as me. She was also wearing a dress from Francesca's Collection. See the pic below!

(Allison Left with unfinished hair, and Genny Right)

Obviously, I will have to check out this store... Have you been there? What did you think?