Thursday, June 17, 2010

Polish - Color Club Pink Thong

"... dirty little lady with the pretty pink thong every sugar daddy hittin' on her all night long..." Yes, I picked this one up for the name...

... so glad I did though because I actually like it, for a pink. You know I'm not a huge fan of pinks but this is a medium to dark shade of pink and I don't mind it as much. Plus with the name and the Nickleback song I actually feel a little naughty wearing it. I'm sure Color Club meant the shoe form of "thong" but if I were to own a pink thong it would be this color.

I chose this for a business trip, believe it or not. But I figured it was one of the lowest maintenance colors I hadn't tried that I could show you. I may have been wrong because I already have some tip damage 12 hours later (might just be from packing).

Medium bubble gum pink with sparkly silver flecks in it. If you look at the full size pic of my close up you'll see it's really packed with shimmer. Because the color is so bubble gum/Barbie pink the polish probably does look a little juvenile. I may have to try it on my toes instead of my tips to see if I like it there any better.

Two coats. You might need three though. There are some places where this feels uneven to me.

Day one and I'm sporting some chips, but I don't blame the polish. My thumb didn't dry well though and I have a smudge. Not sure if the Seche Vite didn't get to that part of the nail or what.

Bottom Line
You don't need it, but it's fun just for the name. Probably best for a Pedi.