Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Polish - OPI Suzi Says Feng Shi

I saw a polish very similar to this one on clerk in Borders and realized I had to have it. She knew it was an OPI but wasn't sure which collection or which name, so I guessed. Honestly, I think the one I was looking for was a different one - I saw another that had some shimmer to it. However,  I ended up with Suzi Says Feng Shui anyway.

Medium blue cream that almost looks teal in some lights. I kept wanting it to be dustier, then I realized what I wanted was MAC Blue India (which apparently I haven't reviewed yet even though I definitely wore it).

Two coats. I had some issues with evenness of the polish, but it wasn't bad.

My nails are peeling like crazy right now so I am not sure I can accurately judge wear at the moment. Sorry.

Bottom Line
There are a lot of polishes around that are similar to this. I'm up in the air on it.