Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quest for My Pretty - Turbo Jam Review and Video

Hi everyone!

Well I did it. I became a Beachbody Coach. Why did I do this? Well, honestly, with my monthly Shakeology purchases and the fact that I wanted more workout videos the discount you get for being a coach makes sense financially. I wanted to let you know that first before I give you this review of Turbo Jam in the interest of full disclosure. I am very concerned that you my readers may see my status as a "coach" as compromising this review. Please know, that although I am now affiliated with Beachbody, that doesn't make this review any less honest. Should you decide to purchase anything from BeachBody through me or someone else, great. But that's really not the point of this review. This program has been working for me. I had to share it.

I have never reviewed a workout program before. But here is what I know:
  • Fact: I used to not not workout AT ALL.
  • Fact: In the last month, I've been doing Turbo Jam almost every day.
  • Fact: I have lost 8 lbs since my Shakeology cleanse. 
  • Fact: Every workout piece has a low impact modification (for which I am very thankful).
  • Fact: The workouts are getting easier and I still love doing them.
Turbo Jam
Turbo Jam was created by Chalene Johnson coming from her famous Turbo Kick classes. She wanted to bring the Turbo style workout to everyone, even in your tiny living room. Most importantly, Chalene knows that working out WILL NOT HAPPEN unless it's fun! And I think that's one of the most important things: This workout is fun!

The Turbo Jam set form Beachbody costs $59.85 and comes with five workouts, plus 2 bonus workouts. To this day I've tried 3 of them but I've watched the other two. I've done a few of these with my heart rate monitor so I can tell you how many calories I burn while doing them.

Learn & Burn
This is a teaching workout. Chalene first goes through the core moves of the program one by one, then ends with a short 15ish minute workout that incorporates all of the moves. I did this workout twice before moving on to the 20 minute workout.

20 Minute Workout - calorie burn: around 200
Hands down probably the best thing that's happened to me in the last few years. This workout is like crack! I was doing this FOR FUN. It includes several segments of repeated moves and one Turbo (which is a short burst of heart rate raising moves - an anaerobic drill). After I started to get really good at this I moved on to longer workouts, but I still come back to this one if I don't have a lot of time or if I just want to do it. I really do love this short workout.

Turbo Sculpt
I have not tried this workout, but from what I can see it's a turbo-like workout incorporating dumbbells. I really should do this, but I don't have a great dumbbell collection so I've been putting it off.

Cardio Party - calorie burn: around 480
To be honest, the first time I tried this workout I hated it. 40 minutes of hell! I still can't get the section at the beginning with the lunges and kicks. It is easy to get discouraged with this one if you're uncoordinated. But it has since become one of my favorite workouts to do. It really does push me.

Ab Jam
This little 20 minute ab workout is great to tack on to any workout. It's actually fun too. Half of it is standing, and half of it is on the ground. On the ground is pretty traditional. I was used to doing standing ab work from belly dance, and by comparison this is a little weak. But I think doing it often will make it effective. It's just so short! Maybe that's on purpose - I know very few people who actually like doing ab work. But Chalene does a great job of targeting the obliques with this workout. I am trying to add it in every chance I get. I want Chalene's abs!

Bonus: Punch, Kick & Jam - calorie burn: around 430 - 580 with weighted gloves and resistance band
Chalene says this workout is less dance-like than the other workouts, but she's not really telling the truth. It's very much like the Cardio Party. The difference is that there's a short segment at the end that incorporates using a resistance band. My cats love this workout. I think they like dodging kicks and messing with my resistance band. I like it too - it's my favorite workout after the 20 minute workout even if it is the longest workout at 50 minutes. Plus, the weighted gloves were made for this.

Bonus: Booty Sculpt + Abs
I haven't done this workout but I watched it. I can understand why it's a "bonus". It's Chalene teaching her regular class. Plus, it really looks like a combination of part of the Turbo Sculpt and part of the Ab Jam workouts together. Meh. The jewels in this package are the other videos in my opinion.

Blu-Ray Owners: A Word Of Caution
If you have a Blu-Ray player the second video in the Turbo Jam set may not work properly in your  player. I have received two sets and both of them didn't show the menu on my Samsung Blu-Ray player. However, I can still navigate the disk by pressing up and down arrows and pretending like the menu has a visual display. Go figure. On other regular dvd players this disk plays perfectly. I'll admit I was seriously ticked off when this happened. But I got over it. I like this workout too much to let a glitch in the second disk that has work-arounds  get in my way!

Now for the humiliating part...

I made my first video! Here's a bit of me doing the 20 minute Turbo Jam workout so you can see what it's like. Yes, I'm fat and in a sports bra, but maybe someday you'll see me skinny in a sports bra doing this same workout.

A side note: For those of you who think you could never be coordinated enough to do something like this, you're wrong. You are. It just takes a little time, practice and repetition. Yes mom, I'm talking to YOU! You can do this!

Please visit my BeachBody site for more information Turbo Jam or other BeachBody related products. By the way, have you checked out Shakeology yet?