Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weigh In: I'm OUT OF THE 200s!!! (barely)

This weigh in is a day early because I won't be able to weigh myself on my personal scale tomorrow.

I have been Turbo Jamming my ass off (literally) this past week trying to bust out of the 200s and it looks like this morning I did it!

Using LoseIt
In addition I have started logging my food that I eat using the app "LoseIt" on my iPhone. It's a little bit of a pain in the butt but I've figured out some things that help
  • Use Recipes - you can add known existing ingredients as well as ones the app doesn't know about (Like Kroger Fajita spice mix my husband likes to use). 
  • Log your exercise - it's so much fun to see the bank of calories you have left to eat but don't have to eat.
  • Use My Foods - if there is something you eat all the time, add it there to make it easy. I added my standard Shakeology drink as well as Shakeology with Banana. 
Anyway, check it out. I don't know if there's an Android equivalent yet, but this journaling isn't bad.

So now it's party time! Celebrate with me!!!

Weight: 199.6 lbs - (that's -2.4 lbs)

In all fairness, my scale also registered 199.8 twice and 200.0 once. I usually try to average it out but I'm too excited and so I'm taking the lowest today. It'll be an extra huge incentive for me to be good during business travel.

In Other Dayton News...
Touch Down Jesus, also known as Big Butter Jesus off of I-75 was struck by Lightening last night and went up in flames. Here is a You Tube video of it.  As many have pointed out - the Hustlers of Hollywood store and the Traders World statue of the Horse with the Giant Genitalia were not harmed in this "Act of God".

(Please don't take the above incident of note in my blog as any personal commentary on religion. I just find the whole thing ironic.)