Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weigh In

Even though I provided a weight yesterday with my big Softball Belly Flop picture, I thought it important to weigh myself on my "usual" day. Guess what? I'm so glad I did!

Weight: 202.2 lbs - That's a LOSS!!!

Just to let you know, when I weigh myself I usually weigh myself 3 times just to make sure it's consistent. And I move my scale around the room, particularly if it says I've lost weight. I just never trust it when it says I have.

What Has Changed
  • Weekly Softball (duh)
  • Shakeology - read my post
  • Turbo Jam - Discovered this through xoreds, and it is part of the offerings of I love it - especially the 20 min workout. I wish they had a whole DVD of a bunch of 20 minute workouts!
Hopefully I can keep this up! I have had a good couple of weeks.