Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quest For My Pretty: Weekly Weigh In

Hi everyone!

The last week has been a relatively good one. I got a work out in every day except for Saturday. I even participated in another Softball Game - which my husband has named my "Butt Blaster Workout" because I'm catching.

My parents came down from Michigan so I was really worried about my weight loss for several reasons:
  1. I despise working out in front of people. Oddly enough, I didn't have a problem working out in front of my parents. But when my husband walked into the room while I was doing my Ab workout I just about died of embarrassment.
  2. I tend to drink more when my mom comes down. Even my mom says she drinks more. We just like to drink wine and eat cheese. We both look forward to it. This time we went easy. You know why? I worked out right before my mom started making drinks. I didn't want them as much. The workout put me in a different frame of mind.
  3. We eat fancy or fattening dinners. Whether it's my husband cooking, or we go out, we as a family tend to make poor choices when eating together. It is guaranteed that if they are here for a three day stay, at least one meal will be Pizza (they love Donatos and can't get it in Ann Arbor). We will also eat out at a nice restaurant at least once - and nice restaurants are NICE because their food tastes good - and it's usually not that healthy for you. 
  4. We sit around and watch TV. This isn't unusual for me. But having company is a good excuse to get out and do things. Instead, we watch Inglorious Bastards on demand.
Anyway, I weighed myself today five different locations in my bathroom and came out with a range from 201.6 lbs to 203.0 lbs. As luck would have it, the average of my weigh ins was also the mode in the series.

Weight: 202.0 lbs (loss of 0.2 lbs).

Thus I consider myself to have maintained. That's good enough for me! It's a heck of a lot better than gaining.

Next week's challenge: Traveling and adding in purposeful exercise in a hotel room!