Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weigh In

Hi Everyone!

I became OBSESSIVE about journaling what I'm eating this week in the LoseIt App on my iPhone because of my Travel. I am proud to say that although I was traveling I still managed to get my workout in every day while I was away. All it took was finding an application to play DVDs on my laptop and rearranging some furniture in the hotel room. Yay me!

The downside of journaling is that I think I'm eating less than I should. In the evenings my energy is nill, and my workouts are starting to pay the price. I feel much better after the workout, but I have a good potential for crashing. I plan on discussing this with Keri, my beachbody coach, and see if she has any advice.

Speaking of Beachbody Coaches, I'm thinking about becoming one - just for the discount of course. I want to continue purchasing workouts from them and my Shakeology, but it's going to start hitting the wallet hard. It makes sense numbers-wise. I just don't want to compromise my integrity while going through this Quest. If I do make this choice, I hope you understand that it is a financial savings choice.

On to the weigh-in!

Weight: 197.6 lbs ( that's down 2 whole pounds from last week!)

I took a middle number again, but one of the lower middle numbers. I'm just too excited about seeing the weight drop I want to choose the lowest number to report to you even though I try to verify by weighing. I was so excited, I forgot most of the numbers so I couldn't do a true average today. I'll try to get better about this.

Notice the Change on the Counter:  To the right you'll notice I changed my starting weight from 197 lbs to 205.8 lbs.  I decided I wanted to track my weight loss since I really started making this a priority (and erase that gain from my mind). That means starting from the Shakeology Cleanse Day Starting Weight.

Challenge for Next Week: Family Reunion. Not only will I be traveling, but I won't have time for myself. Much of it will be stuck in a car (which I hate). Any advice? Wish me luck!