Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1 - Get on Track! Shakeology Cleanse: Complete

Well, I finished the first day of the Shakeology cleanse on track. I am MUCH more hungry this time around, which I take as a sign that my metabolism has increased since the first time I did the cleanse.  That's really good news!

My partners in crime, @truby1234 and @TurboMeg, have reported in. Truby finished her day solid. She celebrates her birthday tomorrow and is trying to figure out how to make her dinner out tomorrow night part of the cleanse. I applaud her resolve! Meg, the very active Meg, got a little dizzy and had to give up in the middle of the day. Good call Meg! Always listen to your body. She may try to resume tomorrow.

Me - well, I had softball practice today. I kicked my butt.I also hurt my hand pretty badly, making it hard to type. But the calorie burn was there. I believe I was working myself harder than my husband was, and I think he noticed. I believe that practice should be hard so that games don't have to be. I may be the least athletic person on the team, but I think I am one of the few with that attitude. That's strange to me.

Tomorrow, Truby wants me to wear a dress into work as a way of boosting the blues of the ever-difficult Day 2. I think it's a great idea provided I can iron with my hand injury. I love it that I have a partner this time who is so awesome at turning problems into potential opportunities, and can find a way to make tough situations a little easier on the both of us.

To TurboMeg - hang in there! Do what's best for you, and you know where to find me if you need me,