Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 3 - Get on Track! Shakeology Cleanse Complete!

Well it's done. I've had my last shake of the Shakeology cleanse. I have to say... I want a cheeseburger. I didn't have cravings quite like this last time. Well ok, scrambled eggs. But I really REALLY want a cheeseburger now.

I was in a bad mood pretty much the entire day. Concentration was awful. I couldn't stand any of the little irritating things my husband does which I normally can put up with (and I gave him a good talking to about it which he won't listen to because I was angry - anger is not the way to get him to listen even when it's calm anger). That being said, after having had my last shake I feel fantastic.

I think almost everybody's body hits that natural low point toward the end of the work day when you need to have a food boost. We all get cranky. What was that Emerald Nuts thing? Robert Goulet comes and messes with your stuff at 3 pm? Well, he was messing with my stuff  until about half an hour ago - all frakking day long!

Truby1234 is handling this far better than I today, though she too expressed hunger. Maybe she's doing better partially because she didn't strictly speaking follow the cleanse to the letter (though she did very well). Truth be told netiher did I - I had real ranch dressing to dip my chicken into because I lothe the fat free stuff. It was only a little tiny bit so don't give me grief about it, ok?

TurboMeg was unable to do the cleanse. Poor girl. I think she may try it another week when she isn't quite so busy. It won't do to be dizzy constantly!

Anyway, I will weigh myself tomorrow and give a final account of how I did. Then we'll check in next week at my weekly weigh in and see how much of the weight lost through the cleanse I kept off. In the mean time, I leave Robert Goulet to mess with your stuff...