Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get on Track! - Join me and @Mirandak on a Shakeology Cleanse

Do you remember back in May when I did the Shakeology cleanse and lost 5 lbs? Well now that I'm a BeachBody Coach a couple of people have asked me to lead a Shakeology cleanse - do the cleanse again. So, I'm up for it if you are! Because one of my friends who is keen on doing this cleanse with me (Mirandak, I'm looking at you) said she wanted to do the cleanse to "Get on track" we're calling this one the "Get On Track" Cleanse!

The "Get On Track" Shakeology Cleanse Plan - July 19th, through July 21
If the dates aren't good for you, no worries - you can do the cleanse at any time. I will still be here for you!
  • Order your Shakeology now! You don't have to order from me, but if you want to, you can do it here.
  • I will begin my cleans on July 19th, finishing July 21nd.
  • If you are participating, please leave a note in comments
  • Every day I will put out an update on the cleanse - we can discuss in my comments.
  • At the beginning of the cleanse, email me your starting weight and, if you want, your measurements. I'll keep track! Also let me know your twitter name so I can follow you!
  • At the end of the cleanse, I will post our results in terms of weight loss and inches (optional on the inches).
  • My Email if you are participating: prettyindayton at gmail dot com

What can the Shakeology Cleanse Do?
As I said the last time I did this cleanse, there are a few reasons for doing this cleanse. You may be able to:
  • Jump start your metabolism
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce cravings
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Promote healthy digestion (and regularity, if that's an issue).
Basic Cleanse Guidelines
For 3 days you follow the following plan:
  • Three Shakeology shakes per day - make this with ice and water: NO DAIRY.
  • 1 piece of fruit as a snack
  • 2 cups of green tea per day
  • 1 salad consisting of lettuce, veggies and 4 ounces of lean protein (can be things like chicken, fish, tofu, legumes).
  • Low Fat Dressing
Sample Menu - This is what I ate the last time I did the cleanse
Breakfast: Shakeology and a cup of green tea
Lunch: Salad with 4 oz of chicken breast, apple vinegar as dressing
Snack: Apple, or banana,
Dinner: Shakeology, a cup of green tea
Desert: Shakeology

Note: If you are not weight challenged you can add 1/2 cup of fruit to your breakfast shake. If you are feeling dizzy or light headed you can have some fruit or a handful of something like almonds.
You can always stop the cleanse if you need to. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Light exercise is allowed on the cleanse, but make sure you don't overdo it!

If you want more information on Shakeology or the Cleanse, feel free to ask me. You can also check out my coach's blog, because she has a lot of great information there too. Her information is what I based my last cleanse off of. 

I hope you join us! Cleanses are always more fun when you have buddies!