Monday, July 19, 2010

Get on Track! - Shakeology Cleanse begins!

Ok, so today @truby1234 and @TurboMeg and I began the Shakeology cleanse. I hope they check in in comments as we go along.  One person dropped out (oddly enough the person who asked me to lead the cleanse to begin with). She had a good reason though, so hopefully she'll join us next time.

I'll be honest - I have the feeling this cleanse is going to be a lot harder than the last one, and not just because I have decided to try minimal exercise. I haven't been feeling great, haven't been sleeping well, and I think that will take a toll. 

My Starting Weight: 192.3 lbs

Note: Because I am doing this cleanse this week I am going to forgo my normal Weekly Weigh In on Wednesday, though I will still give an update of how my week has been since last Wednesday.

Decided to ditch the measurements... that's just depressing. But weight will be enough to report, right? 

I will be writing a report at the end of the day to talk about how today went. I hope the others check in as well.