Thursday, July 15, 2010

Going "Naked" for One Week! Urban Decay's Naked Palette

Behold, the much coveted Urban Decay Naked Palette! (I love it that I'm hearing it's permanent, yet it's still "coveted").

Upon first hearing about the Naked Palette debuting on Urban Decay's site I wasn't entirely sure I would take the plunge and purchase it. I took a couple hours and thought about it and decided that if I didn't purchase this palette RIGHT NOW then I never would and would regret it at some point. The last regret: Bobbi Brown's Chocolate Palette. Also neutrals. Coincidence? I think not. I do have a weakness for neutrals. So I jumped back on Urban Decay and... it was SOLD OUT! Oh no! It's the Chocolate Palette all over again! The Naked Palette is supposed to be permanent so it's a little different from he Chocolate Palette's situation, but the anxiety was still there for me. How irrational!

Quickly I jumped over to Sephora. It too was not available for purchase but it did have a "Give us your email address and we'll let you know when it's back in stock". I entered my information with very little hope. Low and behold, two days later I get a note from Sephora letting me know I could purchase the Naked Palette! I pounced. And here it is!

Challenging Myself - Going Naked for One Week!
I was so taken with the beauty of this palette when I opened it that I declared that I would do something different with this palette. I'm going to challenge myself to do an eye look with the Naked Palette every day for the next week... starting tomorrow. I want to get my use out of this palette and explore the possibilities. So get ready for some neutral eyes... and by all means, if you have inspiration for me from your own Naked Palette, let me know!

About the Packaging
I found the packaging of this palette to be a bit ridiculous. The outer packaging was too much. I don't need yet again another sample size of Primer Potion (though I love it). Unlike the Alice in Wonderland Palette, I don't need a translator card to tell me which color is which because Urban Decay is using the real names this time, so why have the extra paper? For a Vegan-friendly and eco-conscious company it seemed like a lot of waste here.

At the time this post was written the Naked Palette was still available on for $44. That's for those of you who have irrational anxiety over this palette like me.