Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Humor and Fun: 300-like Spartan Abs!!! (P90X)

Ha! Now this is some good motivation!

Yes, I know this is a marketing video, and I'm sorry, but it is still awesome. To see people using BeachBody Products to get in shape for DragonCon... I must say I just love that.

Did you want to know how to get 300 Spartan Abs? Well I guess P90X is the answer for some people... of course, we all know they used some makeup and digital magic in the movie too. But way to go for these guys!

You can get P90X here.

Personally, I've heard p90X is killer. They even sell a recovery drink to drink after your workout so that you aren't as sore (and I've heard it works wonders). I have heard if you stick with it you get results. Period.The problem is sticking with it (which is why it's great to have a community around using a workout system). I use Team Beach Body's community, but I find the community assistance and encouragement on Twitter to be far better than the boards. Seriously, Twitter is awesome for finding people to help you stick with your workout and push harder than you otherwise would.