Friday, July 30, 2010

Ling Skincare - Kicking off a Month of Trying Something New

If you've been reading my "looks" lately then you know I've been having skin problems. Whether because I stopped a medication, or because of my catchers mask playing softball, or something funky I have been breaking out like crazy! I know you've seen it. That or the blackheads around... wellm everywhere. Just as I was getting incredibly frustrated over my skin, my current skincare routine, and wanting to try something new a friend of mine put me in touch with a representative from Ling Skincare.

Ling What?
Ling Chan
From Ling Skincare's Website
Yes, I know! I hadn't heard of them either. But apparently Ling Chan (founder) has been working in the skincare industry for over 30 years. Her skincare line is featured in high end spas. Ling Chan herself has worked with many celebrities including Winona Rider, Rosie Perez (whatever happened to her?), Naomi Campbell, and Shalom Harlow. Shalom Harlow? Love her! Sign me up!

You can read more about Lin Chan and the history behind her line on her website,

What is Ling Skincare About?
If you read any of Ling's promotional material or even browse their website you will learn that Ling Chan has brought her knowledge of Asian herbal skincare to her line along with a belief that most of the skins problems that we commonly complain about are derived from lack of hydration.

Ok, so the reason I get pimples and clogged pores is that my skin is working overtime trying to hydrate itself? Sure. Let's roll with it! After all, the Tazorac my dermatologist has put me on does dry out some parts of my face - the parts the break out all the time. Makes sense to me!

My Agreement with Ling Skincare
After discussing my skin with the Ling skincare rep I agreed to try Ling Skincare's At Home Facial - and Regimen Kit for a month (or until my kit wears out). The kit normally sells for $85 and comes with a variety of products to take you through Ling's "5 Simple Steps": Purify, Hydrate, Solve, Nourish, and Renew. We're going WAY beyond the Clinique 3 step system here folks! I hope I can keep up! The kit I received contains the following products:
  • Purifying Facial Cleanser 2.0 oz.
  • Herbal Clay Clarifying Mask 0.5 oz.  
  • Replenishing Hydrator 2.0 oz. 
  • Elastin Collagen Cream 0.5 oz. 
  • Moisture Plenish Solution 0.5 oz. 
  • Spotlight Papaya Resurface Peel 0.5 oz.
  • Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask. 0.5 oz.
In addition the representative also sent me the following items to try:
This is a lot of products to try out in one month!

So What's My Plan?
I have never done anything like this before, nothing this extensive. So I have to make a game plan!
  • Begin with the Ling Facial - Lets be honest, this is going to be a pain in the rear doing myself. The facial has a lot of steps (and I will document them for you). But I am supposed to do this once a week. I can manage that. And who knows, I might even enjoy it. Yes, I totally intend to YouTube this one for you at some point.
  • Daily and Nightly Routine - I am going to start this as soon as I finish with the Facial. It seems to be very similar to many other skin routines that you see out there so I don't expect many surprises.
  • Weekly "Ling Skincare Diary" - Every week, maybe more than once a week if I feel it necessary, I will post on my progress with this skincare system, let you know how I'm doing.
  • Individual Reviews - As I feel comfortable and familiar with each product I try, I will do individual reviews for those of you who are curious about some of the products but not others. Most likely some of these will be take care of within my Diary entries.
Does that sound like a good plan? I hope it at least sounds fun. I think it sounds fun! Hopefully you'll at least have a laugh at me with stuff on my face. And I hope I'll get something out of it I haven't had since my wedding day - Clear skin!!!

Special Quadra Peel Promotion by Ling Skincare - August 11 through December 31
Incidentally, if you are in NYC, Ling Skincare is offering their Quadra Peel Treatment for a limited time at the rate of $95 (usual price: $175).  If you are interested, you can call their New York Locations at the following numbers for an appointment:
  • Union Square - 212-989-8833
  • Upper West Side - 212-977-2883
If you do go, please let me know how it is! As I am in the middle of nowhere Ohio and can't try it out. I so wish I could! 

Full Disclosure
The products in forthcoming reviews were furnished to me by Ling Skincare not only for my use but for review. Other than the products mentioned above I will not be compensated in any other way by Ling Skincare and will provided my honest opinion of the product. I don't sell Ling Skincare products, nor am I affiliated with Ling Skincare in any way.