Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Fourth of July Dinner Look

So my 4th of July was spent at the Melting Pot with my neighbors doing Double Date Night. Yummy stuff. And I wanted to look at least somewhat good...

Looking "good" was an interesting conundrum for me - I was having a really icky face rash. I don't know what it was, but as my husband described it "It looked like I had razor burn from certain angles". It wasn't very visible, but it was bumpy, it was itchy, all along my jaw line and cheeks and I wasn't happy.

As a consequence of having this funky face rash, I couldn't do much in terms of makeup (still can't - I have a few days to go on my medicine). All I did here was eyes and lips.

Please excuse the lack of foundation and general ickiness.

The eye was interesting... the combination I used created a multifaceted color effect. Brown sometimes, purple sometimes, hues of charcoal blue... I liked it.


  • MAC Greaspaint Stick in Dirty
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Satin Taupe
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Next to Nothing
  • MAC Kohl Power in Orpheus
  • MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack

  • Nothing


  • MAC Lipstick in Utterly Frivolous
By the way, I won't be too many "looks" until my face gets back in shape. Haven't been allowed to use my acne medicine while getting rid of the funky rash.

Word to the Wise 
If you have something to cure "itch" don't put it on your face unless you've been given it for your face! I had a prescription for a spot on my leg that was having difficulty healing because the dry skin itched so much. I started using this, then called my dermatologist. Good thing I called because I found out that prescription was way too strong for facial skin and could cause my skin to get addicted in some manner. So face rash - call the doc first!