Thursday, July 15, 2010

Polish - Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings The Blues, and All That Jazz Set Thoughts

If it's worth purchasing the Nordstrom Exclusive All That Jazz Trio it's for this polish:

Deborah Lippmann, you sure do know how to make a girl happy! You also know how to piss her off - I haven't forgotten Funky Chunky but Lady Sings The Blues does make me forgive you for that polish just a bit. This is FANTASTIC even if it's just Ruby Red Slippers but blue.

Deep navy blue jelly base with silver glitter and hexagonal sequins. This layers beautifully, much like sister hue from last summer, Ruby Red Slippers. Even though I applied a top coat it was still had texture, so be prepared for that.

Two coats are enough, though you might want 3 if you're looking to go really multi-dimensional with your layering.

As you can see, I haven't worn this for 24 hours yet and already I have some tip wear. I find that sometimes with Ms. Lippmann's hexagonal glitters that there are occasional breakages at the tips if a large piece lands near them. Take a look at my pinky. This polish was applied over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite.

Bottom Line
Personally, I hope Ms. Lippmann makes this polish available as a single on her site because that would truly be worth it. As part of a set - this set is better (in my opinion) than last year's set so get it if you might be interested in one of the other two polishes.

On the "All That Jazz" Set Itself  - Second verse, same as the first!
I must admit, I hope next year's Deborah Lippman Nordys set is WILDLY different from the set from this year - because this year's set totally copied last year's set. Maybe I'm the only one who sees the connection.
  • Lady Sings The Blues is this year's Ruby Red Slippers - Beautiful fantastic polishes I will always treasure and love.
  • Some Enchanted Evening is this year's Funky Chunky - Yeah after seeing  The Nailphile's Some Enchanted Evening Swatch I just have no desire to even pull that one out of the box. I am not a layering person and nothing is going to turn me into one, much like I'm not into the texture of Funky Chunky. Had Some Enchanted Evening had a non-sheer base, I probably would have loved it.
  • Razzle Dazzle is this year's Superstar - Razzle Dazzle really is just Superstar but Raspberry Red. Which is also good (I wasn't a huge fan of the brown-orange). In fact I have a picture to show you...

Bonus picture of Razzle Dazzle on my toes (BEWARE FEET!!!!)

It's like Deborah Lippmann thought "Let's do what we did last year because it worked so well. We'll do Ruby Red Slippers but make it blue, do Superstar but make it red, and then toss in a polish that Styrch at Pretty in Dayton will hate and not understand. And it will sell like mad!"  :)