Thursday, July 8, 2010

Polish - Zoya Cassie

I don't know what possessed me to purchase this color - I think I have a thing for melons lately... But here's another one I got from the Zoya Exchange.

Whenever I hear the name "Cassie" I think of this "Cassie" from the British television show Hex:

Yes I picked this picture because Michael Fassbender is also pictured.
(Cassie's in the center)
Image from Google Images somewhere

Because I have a name association with this polish I always think: Would the associated person in my head wear this polish? I came down with a firm "Yes". Cassie from Hex would wear this polish. This has no relevance on my review other than to say I think the name fits the color.

Sort of a Melon/coral pink/orange with shimmer. The base is a thick cream so the shimmer, to me, is a little out of place. I do wish this polish had chosen to go one way or the other - be metallic or be a cream. Don't try to be both. You're confusing me Cassie!

I used three coats on this one. This is problematic because it's the type of polish that gets a little gooey on the third coat. If you can get away with 2 I strongly recommend it. I may have gotten an older bottle - this one isn't quite up to the high standards I hold for Zoya.

Over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite, aside from the abuse I've been putting on my nails to repackage clothing I ordered for return, the polish is staying put. That's good.

Bottom Line
I like Cassie, but the formula and confusion issues make it a sub-par Zoya for me. However, get it for the name if you're a Hex fan. Anything that reminds me of Michael Fassbender is a good thing.

(Did I just say that?)