Friday, July 30, 2010

Polish - Zoya Gabrielle

I am going to be honest - this particular formula of Zoya's is not one of my favorites:

However, During the 3 days I wore Gabrielle this color really grew on me.

Orange marmalade packed with glitter in a sheer-ish jelly-ish base.

Pain in the butt! Three coats and you can see it's not totally opaque. Also, with polishes that are like this formula I have issues with it drying sometimes. Be very careful not to make mistakes - they are hard to fix without taking off all the polish!

Tip wear appeared within one day, but no chips during the 3 day period I wore Gabrielle. I wore this over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator topped with Seche Vite.

Bottom Line
Gabrielle is a fun color if you can stand the application.