Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Turbo Jam 3T Workout

I decided I wanted to share another workout with you to show you that there is variety in what I'm doing, that I have started at least some light weight training for toning. This is the Turbo Jam 3T (Totally Tubular Turbo) workout. It is also the reason I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to start investigating using resistance bands. This workout makes a lot of use of them!

3T comes with the Turbo Jam Elite package, not the  Turbo Jam Basic package. Punch Kick and Jam workout from the Basic package does use resistance bands too - so either set has some of this type of training in it.

If you ever do Turbo Jam, I highly recommend getting your own set of resistance bands. I got mine from Target. They seem stronger than the one that came with the Elite Package. You can also purchase them through BeachBody at different weights, but I would suggest finding a set you can try out first.

Incidentally, I recommend watching the cameos made by Oberon and Cicero at the end. They like to help me stretch out.

Disclosure: I am a BeachBody coach.This post is meant to inspire you to work out and get fit, and BeachBody does not ask that I do these posts. These workouts have been working for me, and I just want to share.  However if you do want to purchase Turbo Jam you can purchase it through me or any other BeachBody coach that you know.