Monday, July 5, 2010

Quest for My Pretty - Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite Package Review

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to give you a summary review of my recently acquired Turbo Jam Elite Package. As you know, I became a Beach Body Coach recently because it made sense financially. I feel the need to restate this, but please know that I'm giving you my most honest review.

Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite Package - $59.85
This package includes:
  • Fat Blaster
  • 3T
  • Cardio Party 2
  • Cardio Party 3
  • Lower Body Jam
  • Resistance Band - very light weight. I prefer the band set I purchased at Target.
  • Thigh Toning Band - a sheet of rubber. And it's awesome. 
The Workouts
I tried all of these workouts in the past week, some of them twice. I will include my calorie burn according to my heart rate monitor. As you know, your results may differ from mine (and probably will).

Fat Blaster - 30 Minutes (Ave. 330-350 cals burned)

If you are familiar with Turbo Jam you may be familiar with this little piece of magic. This workout consists of 4 turbos (high intensity aerobics) and a cool down workout. The structure is that Chalene teaches you a "turbo" at a low intensity pace, then you do the turbo for real. While all of these turbos consist of moves you have seen in other Turbo Jam vidoes, you may not have done them in quite this combination so you might get a little tripped up the first two times. It took me two tries with this to feel comfortable. The idea is to get your heart rate up as high as it can go during the turbo, and then recover. Then do it all over again with another turbo. The firs time I tried the Fat Blaster my heart rate stayed up in the 180s the entire time. The second time I was able to take advantage of the intervals, bringin my heart rate down to 160 during the "learning" portion of each turbo.
Bottom Line: To get the interval benefit out of this you may have to be conscious of your heart rate and work accordingly.

3T (Totally Tubular Turbo) -35 Minutes (totally not about the cal burn, this is Weight Training)
This workout takes advantage of your resistance band. Since I felt the band that came with the set didn't give me enough resistance I switched to one that did from my set I purchased at Target a million and a half years ago. Good thing I had that set! This has become one my new favorites in the Turbo Jam series. Chalene takes you through a resistance training workout using the resistance bands in ways I've never seen before. She also shows you how to make them more intense and less intense depending on your needs. After doing this workout I could really feel it. I think it's one I will have to repeat quite often. I want to do a video of this one for you at some point. Even my Cicero kitty got into it (he likes resistance bands apparently).

Cardio Party 2 - 45 Minutes (Ave around 520ish calories)
Ok, so this is your standard Cardio Party. I found it to be a little more intense than Cardio Party 1. The music in it is a little bit better (who doesn't love "Baby Got Back"?) and there is a LOT more punching. I love the punching. I'm all about cross punches. So I should like this workout right? Well I didn't like it the first time I did it, but I did like it the second time I did it. Much like Cardio Party 1, actually.

Cardio Party 3 - 50 Minutes (Over 600 Cal Burn)
Calorie burn-wise for me this Cardio Party was magical. My husband thinks the results are all because Chalene wears a School Girl Skirt while wearing it. He told me if I get skinny he's getting a skirt for me so I can wear it during this Cardio Party with Chalene. I digress. Basically this is also very similar in style to the other Cardio Parties. I found it to be a little unbalanced in terms of exercising one side vs. the other (there are a couple places where you are jab punching followed by a cross punch with the same arm as opposed to the "turbo twist" I'm used to where you jab with one arm followed by a cross with the other). But I can't argue with the calorie burn. This was worth it. I liked the music in it too.

Lower Body Jam - 30 Minutes (Again, not as much about the calories, but when I did this combined with Fat Blaster I burned 640 calories... good combo!).
This workout focuses on using, you guessed it, your lower body. Believe it or not, Chalene uses squatting as a "resting" position in this workout. I never knew I could look forward to squats! But I certainly was happy about them when Chalene said "ok, now squat!". The workout utilizes this thing they call the "Thigh Toning Band" which is a sheet of rubber. You tie it in a knot (the smaller the loop, the more resistance) and you workout with it around your legs for most of the workout. It's wonderful! I could really feel the impact! The workout also uses light weight free weights as well, so pick up 3-5 lb weights to start. You can work your way up if you want to. Part of this workout is also on the floor. I must admit I liked this workout at lot more than I thought I would.

Overall Review
I love the Fat Burning Elite package of Turbo Jam. It really is a great way of expanding your workout collection. I now have a variety of workouts or combos of workouts I could do at my disposal with the addition of this package. I would not recommend this package for the Turbo Jam beginner. I suggest getting the original Turbo Jam first because it contains the Learn & Burn where you will learn most of the movies. Fat Burning Elite does not have beginner instruction. That's not to say you can't learn - you probably will. But I feel more comfortable moving on with this package than I would if I had started out with it. Plus there's no 20 minute Cardio workout to get you up to doing the 40+ minute Cardio Parties. The two sets compliment each other very well.

If you have questions: Let me know in comments
If you want to Purchase: You can get Turbo Jam and Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite from me!

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