Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Well I knew this would happen. Last time I did a Shakeology cleanse I gained 2 lbs right back immediately. Same thing this time. That's ok, though. I had my Anniversary Monster Dinner, I also wasn't able to participate in Softball due to injury. I suspect both things had an effect on my weight in a negative manner.

The Positive
On the plus side, I went to my doctor this week for my softball injury and  got some good news. I have serious "White Coat Syndrome" when it comes to that office and my blood pressure is always insane. This time it was 118/76 or something like that which is SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Weight: 190.8 lbs ( -1.9 lbs from last official weigh in, +2 from end of Shakeology cleanse)

On Measurements
Several of you have asked me about my measurements. I have to say - although I have been periodically checking them the results confuse me. They especially confuse me when it is very obvious that I have lost at least one dress size since I look at what I entered on May 21, 2010 (my real workout start):

Measurements (in Inches)
05/21/10 07/28/10
Right Arm1314
Left Arm1413.5
Right Thigh2424
Left Thigh25.523.75

So what do you make of that? I think either I was off on my initial measurements or I am off on the now because these are really wonky.

This week's goal: Bust through the 190 barrier! I CAN DO IT!!!