Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yes!!! MAC and Rodarte Update on Temptalia (GO LOOK)

Ok, so if you've been reading my blog in the past few weeks you know I took an interest in the MAC & Rodarte Controversy and have been trying to find places where interested people could donate to make this situation better. What you may not have known was that I was also assisting a group of bloggers putting together a petition for MAC to donate all of it's profits off of the MAC and Rodarte collection to the cause of helping women along the boarder. It seems a lot of things have also been happening behind the scenes at MAC....

A couple of days ago, I got an email from a MAC representative that mentioned a multi-year initiative was being put in place for assisting the women along the boarder (Juarez specifically). But I couldn't post anything because it came to me along with one of those "confidential" messages. Now that Temptalia has posted a press release with far more information than I ever had, I feel ok about saying this now and putting it on my blog. I'm not big and important enough to get press releases like this so thank goodness for Christine!

From what it sounds like here's the gist of it, though I strongly suggest you read the whole thing on Temptalia.
  • MAC will be putting all of it's profits from this collection to creating a new initiative.
  • The purpose of the initiative seems to be helping women in Juarez with actual on-site help.
  • They will be renaming the products of the collection (we knew that).
  • They will be changing the promotional imaging of the collection (THANK GOODNESS!)
While it may not have been the petition that we were working on that did this, I do like to think that all of us who tried to make our voices heard had a hand in this.

Now, although all of this is happening I still feel it is important to link to the petition in case you still want to sign it. I also feel it is still important to list the list of charities I have collected (with help from everyone):

Feel Like Donating Instead of Getting a Lipstick?
So far I have only found the following charities (no idea how reputable these are):

  • Amnesty International - They accept donations, but don't appear to send them to a particular cause, hence my reluctance to donate.I want to know where my money is going.
  • Mujeres de Juarez - Seem to have a petition up but I don't see a place to donate. Also could be sketchy if you follow around the links...
  • Casa Amiga - seems to take donations, but the site is in Spanish. I'm still working on looking into this one.  
  • Amigos de Mujeres - I don't think this group takes donations, but works with other organizations and channels donations to them. I have written them asking for more information.
  • Justica Para Nuestras Hijas -  A group in Chihuahua City focusing on  family members of serial killing victims
  • Centro de Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres, A.C. - A 24 hour hotline for domestic abuse that also has access to a lawyer and counselors.
  • CFO Maquiladoras
If you know of any I should add for this cause, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping make this happen.