Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Althea Harper's Fatalistic Futurism Fall 2010 Collection Now On Sale Online!!!

I could hardly contain my excitement yesterday when Althea Harper tweeted about her collection going online. In fact, I didn't contain it at all. I chatted with her over twitter (probably much to her annoyance) about how much I want the Lorenzo dress but I am still trying to lose weight. Fortunately for me, she is SUPER nice and didn't mind my chattiness.

Althea Harper Fatalistic Futurism Fall 2010

My Picks...

Obviously, My GOAL DRESS! This WILL be mine!!! I has to be... I will make it so. Just a few more lbs...

Image from
Lorenzo Dress - $375

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Mechanic Dress -$275

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Milan Skirt - $325
From Althea
Papini Pullover - $475

Some of the items I think are a little overpriced for what they are (like the Papini Pullover) but I still love them. Give the collection a look. And of course, Follow @AltheaHarper. She's super nice!