Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anthropologie - It's Crazy Sweater Time!!!

You know I love Anthropologie in the fall/winter. I also love it when it's crazy! They stock particularly insane designs when it comes to knit sweaters. And guess what? Today they sent an email around about their knit sweaters. I decided to have a peak to see what they were cooking this time.

This season it seams that instead of gravitating toward animal prints Anthropolgie is just gravitating toward animals. Yes, well, they do that every season. It's quite common to walk into their store, look in any given direction and go "oh, there's a bird on that skirt." And sometimes it works. Most of the time it's just kookie. But that's what I love about Anthropolgie. 

I mean seriously, WTF???

Leifsdottir Poni Cardigan - $328
I just don't get this one. Who wants a pony on their shoulder? I just don't at all find this appealing. And hairy looking sleeves! Ick!

This next one is actually slightly cool, even if it does have a duck on it. You'll get a few pics...

Rosie Signature Migrating Mallard Cardigan - $168

Rosie Signature Migrating Mallard Cardigan - $168

Rosie Signature Migrating Mallard Cardigan - $168

I can at least look at that one and go "wow - that takes some serious skill". But at the same time, WTF? Where is that Mallard migrating to??? And why is he doing it on a sweater???

Still nothing as crazy as The Craziest Sweater Ever but I have faith that Anthro will bring me something sometime that tops that sweater. I still sort of wish I had purchased it just because.

Do you have any favorite crazy Anthropologie sweaters or designs? Pass them along! I'd love to see!