Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awesome Shakeology Deal - Get 7 Days for Free!!!

Want to try Shakeology for free for 7 days?

Here's your chance! I just got the details of this promotion and I think it's a great one. As you know, I've been using Shakeology in my diet and it has been helping me lose weight, particularly curbing my cravings and keeping one meal of the day under control. Anyway, check out the deets below!

From the Beachbody email on the Shakeology 7 Day Trial:
To be eligible to receive a free 7-day sample of chocolate Shakeology, please upload a 1-2 minute video of yourself to YouTube telling us the following:

1.    Why you want to try Shakeology

2.    How you heard about Shakeology

3.    What health benefits you hope to experience from drinking Shakeology

Send the link of your video to<> with "Shakeology Video" in the subject line. At this point, your video will be reviewed at Beachbody headquarters and the first 50 people to submit their videos will receive a 7-day sample of chocolate Shakeology so act quick!!!

Thought that was all? Nope, it gets better! You can win another free 7- day sample + a shaker cup!

At the end of your 7 day trial, simply upload another You Tube video and send us the link (again to In this video tell us about your experience with Shakeology and the benefits you experienced over the 7 day trial. The first 50 people to turn in their results will receive another free 7 day sample of chocolate Shakeology + a shaker cup. (Over a $45 value!)

So get those cameras rolling! We look forward to seeing you on the silver screen and sharing the gift of health with you!
As Beachbody coach, if you are interested in Shakeology but don't want to go through this trouble let me know. I still have a few Shakeology samples I can send to people who are interested.