Thursday, August 26, 2010

Celebrating Supermodels! Let's make September the Supermodel Month!

I was reading this article on CNN today about how the "original" supermodels are turning 40 (actually some are older) and I decided a bit of blog celebration was in order. Many of these women are still working and very visible - I dare you to turn on the TV on prime time and not see at least one Linda Evangelista L'Oreal add. My husband and I were shocked to discover she looks an awful lot like his beloved Milla Jovovich now.  But that's beside the point.

Anyway, what could be a better way to remember our favorite super models of our childhoods (ok youngsters, pipe down I know you weren't born yet) than to remind you why they are so awesome with one of my favorite videos of all time: George Michael's Freedom 90.

Seriously, was there ever anything more genius for a male singer to do than to put a bunch of supermodels in his own video instead of himself? I don't think so! My favorite in this video is Christy Turlington crawling across the floor.

Also a favorite video, Cindy Crawford doing a commercial for Pepsi:

I used to own her workout videos. Claudia Shiffer's workout videos too (shot in Prague, much more fun than Cindy's).

Do you remember Cindy's bad singing in her fragrance commercial for "Charlie"? Now that's something I'm not sure I want to even hunt down for this blog.

Who is your favorite Supermodel of yore? 
Share with me! Better yet, send me inspiration (tasteful please... although you know with me tasteful goes a long way). I'll put together a collection of our favorite Supermodel pics and post here for fun.

Send links/pics to:  prettyindayton at gmail dot com and tell me why you selected that pic and that Supermodel. I'll feature your picture, your description and (if you want) a link to your blog. We'll do this for the month of September. Sound like fun?

Who knows...  I may turn it into a contest.