Saturday, August 14, 2010

Comparison: Orly Cosmix FX "Out of This World" Is a Twin To Zoya Julieanne

I saw Scrangie's post earlier this week comparing a couple of the Cosmix FX to other polishes. Scrangie mentioned that she couldn't compare Orly's Out of this World yet because she didn't have her Zoya Julieanne or Zoya Mimi. I had both on hand so I thought I'd provide a comparison:

Left to Right: Orly Out of This World, Zoya Julieanne, Zoya Mimi, Milani Totally Cool

OoTW and Julianne seem to be duplicates of each other, the edge going to Julieanne on this one not only because the glitter is a slight bit more pronounced but she really doesn't need three coats and she costs $3 less.

OoTW is definately differen than Zoya Mimi - which has a much more light purple base than the dark blue of OoTW and Julieanne. Mimi, on the ohter hand is a closer twin to Milani Totally Cool than I thought - but still not dupes.

My Advice
Pick up Zoya Julieanne instead of Orly Out of This World. It's cheaper, and if OoTW shares properties with the other Cosmix I bet it will chip like crazy. I will put it on and give it a try, though. However, if you purchase from one of the cheaper etailers you may be able to get the Orly cheaper than Julieanne.