Monday, August 23, 2010

Comparison: Zoya Suvi vs. Ginger + LIz Blowin' Money Fast

Whenever a polish makes me think of another polish I like to do a comparison just to see if they really are alike. In this case, when I was wearing "Blowin' Money Fast" I thought instantly of Zoya "Suvi" and had to swatch them side by side to show you the differences:

Left: Zoya Suvi, Right: Ginger + Liz Blowin' Money Fast
Now I can tell you that when I was swatching these two shades side by side I was shocked that Blowin' Money Fast came out to be the darker of the two shades. After all, Suvi does have a blackish base. Suvi also is a lot less pigmented. What you see here is about 5 coats of Suvi to two coats of Blowin' Money Fast. I also like the way the teal comes out of Blowin' Money Fast when set next to a green. I suspect there could be some very cool mani combos in the future with similar colors.

I have to hand it to Ginger + Liz - there isn't much that usually makes me pic a more expensive polish over the cheap/hip and very reliable Zoya. But in this case, I think Ginger + Liz have the edge.

Are there any other similar polishes out there you've compared these two with? I certainly don't have them all so please feel free to let me know in comments!