Friday, August 6, 2010

Giveaway for Zoya Color Lock System and a Review (Restated)

I have something very special for you today! I have been talking with my Good Fairy over at Art of Beauty and she agreed to let me do a Giveaway of the Zoya Color Lock System! More on that at the end of the post, but I agreed to restate my review of these products within this system. In the past I have talked about them in two posts:

Reviews Revisited in Detail
Overall, as you can read in my above reviews, I got the longest wear I have ever had from any polish system using the Zoya Color Lock System. As you know, manicures do not last long on me. When I did the "Poker Chip Tips" I got 5 whole days of chip resistance. I retested it with Zoya Raven and got 3 days of chip resistance. Black, for me, is always the hardest color to keep from chipping (perhaps because it just shows up more). I know I am not alone in that.

Since my previous reviews, I have been using the products intermittently so I can give you my thoughts on them individually (at least the ones I have used).
  • Remove + - Honestly, I used to really dislike this remover because of the smell. But lately I have returned to it and have gotten used to the smell. I believe it is kinder to my nails than the drug store removes I usually use. I think it is one of the reasons my experimentation with Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator has been so effective. I don't find it as drying as other polish removers and on some polishes it seems to do a better job at removing them. It is worth a try, if you have not yet done so.
  • Get Even - This is Zoya's ridge filler. I have only used it a couple of times. I remember trying it with some of the matte polishes and getting them to stick to my nail a bit better with the surface it creates. In the past I have used this under Anchor with good results.
  • Anchor - This, in my opinion, is the star of this system. It is a sticky base coat and it really does hold your polish on! I encourage you to give it a shot regardless of if you try the entire system. I am also an Orly Bonder fan, and this is on par with it. In my opinion, it works best under Zoya polishes.
  • Armor - Top Coat. It's a good one. But it's not quick drying, and I know you all know I love my quick drying top coats. Paired with Anchor and a Zoya polish in between, the combo is awesome.
  • Hurry Up - Zoya's version of  OPI's Quick Dry Drops. They work just as well for me. The problem I have with drops is that it is hard to know if you got your entire nail and they tend to get all over the place (particularly during pedicures). That's why I like fast drying top coats instead. Sadly,  my bottle of Hurry Up broke after a couple of uses - the stopper popped apart and the bottle leaked all over the place. I was devastated. So be careful with your bottle and treat it with care!
  • Renew - Used to make stubbornly thick polishes a bit thinner, or "renew" older polishes. I can say I haven't used this one yet. I have been advised to try it on my Seche Vite. I may do that soon.
The entire system sells for $48 dollars. In the past Zoya has done some fantastic giveaways (a collection with purchase of the Color Lock system for example). I haven't seen them do that in a long time - maybe that's the Recession at work.  But if you are in need of a complete system, this is a good purchase, especially if you own a lot of Zoya polishes (in my opinion it works best with the Zoya formula).

Zoya Color Lock System Giveaway!
Zoya has agreed to allow me to host a giveaway on my blog for this system. Now, if you've been reading me for a while you know I like to make my giveaways extra fun. In the past I have had you write poetry to entertain me. Since I didn't purchase this product for giveaway, I am going to make it a little easier on you:
  • Comment on this post below - Tell me what your favorite Zoya nail polish color is OR tell me what color ideas you have that you would like to see Zoya create. Better yet, do both!
  • Either follow my blog or follow me on Twitter (@styrch) - I need a way to get a hold of you! If I can't do that, you don't win!
  • Only Continental United States entries this time - sorry folks, not my rules. 
  • No PO Box Entries!
For example, if I were to enter I would say:
"My favorite Zoya polish is Casey. It was the polish that really introduced me to how gorgeous vampy dark polishes can be. If Zoya were to make a polish of my choice it would be a Velvet formula that was so red it was almost black and they would call it "Phedre" after the Jacqueline Carey character."

Or something to that effect. :)

The winner will be chosen at random one week from today (Friday, August 13th).  Good luck!