Monday, August 16, 2010

MAC Not Shipping Rodarte Collection - My Thoughts And Questions

As you undoubtedly have heard by now, MAC Cosmetics decided that they will not be shipping their upcoming Rodarte Collection  "[o]ut of respect for the people of Mexico, the women and girls of Juarez and their families". This announcement was made on their facebook page. But I heard about it via Twitter (because as soon as the note was posted everyone went crazy again).

Just so you know: I think pulling the collection was the thing MAC should have done from the beginning, though I was taking the business practical side of "what could they do without pulling their line".

As you know, I have been connected with @healing_beauty and others who were trying to put together a petition that all the proceeds of this collection be put toward assisting women in Juarez and other border towns. MAC's statement says that all "projected global profits" will be donated, but they are not listing how much that is. It also, to me, sounds like a backpedal step from their earlier statement that they would be creating an on-going effort.

My Questions:
  • Is this a backpedaling statement? Is this a way to get MAC out of spending a lot of money?
  • Is MAC just as confused as many of us were about who to donate to/work with toward helping with this problem?
  • What are the projected global profits and is that more than the original $100k they were planning on donating originally after "the sh*t hit the fan" (so to speak - not sure of a better way of putting it really).
  • Has anything actually happened yet that is POSITIVE toward helping women in Juarez and border towns related to this issue?
  • Will MAC just re-package the products already made and try to sell them under different names in different collections?
Musical Houses has an interesting discussion on her site about this topic, and her perspective on the issue. She is taking a much more cynical view than I normally would (yes, I'm naive like that I guess). But in this case, I can't help but wonder if she's right.

In any case, I feel like this new statement and decision is a little late in coming. After the last announcement about starting an ongoing effort I had hoped all of this had died down and that was the end. Apparently not. I still intend on donating, myself. I am far more worried about me doing nothing, than I am about MAC pulling their line.

Feel Like Making Your Own Donation?

  • Amnesty International - They accept donations, but don't appear to send them to a particular cause, hence my reluctance to donate.I want to know where my money is going.
  • Mujeres de Juarez - Seem to have a petition up but I don't see a place to donate. Also could be sketchy if you follow around the links...
  • Casa Amiga - seems to take donations, but the site is in Spanish. I'm still working on looking into this one.  
  • Amigos de Mujeres - I don't think this group takes donations, but works with other organizations and channels donations to them. I have written them asking for more information.
  • Justica Para Nuestras Hijas -  A group in Chihuahua City focusing on  family members of serial killing victims
  • Centro de Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres, A.C. - A 24 hour hotline for domestic abuse that also has access to a lawyer and counselors.
  • CFO Maquiladoras  - information from Healing Beauty Blog:  “Donations for the CFO (ComitĂ© Fronterizo de Obreras) can be sent via Women on the Border, to addressing the check to WOB, Inc./CFO if someone needs a U.S. tax exempt letter, and mailing it to PO Box 303338, Austin, TX 78703
    Or directly they can send a donation to the CFO by mailing to:  CFO, 2305 El Indio Hwy., Eagle Pass, TX 78853 (USA).”
If you know of any I should add for this cause, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

What do you think? And do you think this is the last and final say MAC will have regarding this topic?