Thursday, August 12, 2010

Polish - Orly "Space Cadet" Cosmix FX

If the term "Sex on a Stick" could apply to a polish...

What do we know about me?
  • Well we know I like purples.  
  • We know I like duochromes. 
  • We know I LOVE LOVE LOVE foils...
Like I could even try to wait for this one to get to the discount etailers! How the frak is this an ORLY polish? I pretty much can count the number of Orly polish I own on one hand. I am so totally happy that this is one of them. I want to sleep with this bottle under my pillow and dream that it multiplies into a large variety of colors with finishes just like this!

Purple, bronze, green, chartreuse duochrome foil. Microglitter if you really want to call it that. It's foil finish!!! It reminds me of Revlon Khaki Zing and Zoya Ki but you know what... neither of those polishes is a FOIL!!!

I needed three coats to make this opaque and totally even. Might have been able to get away with two, but three is on the safe side.

I had some tip wear and chips less than one day in over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite. Really not fantastic. But you know what? I don't care!!!!

Bottom Line
Run, don't walk, to Ulta and fork over your $10 and get the darn polish if you want it because this is one that you really do want the instant gratification on. Although it looks like they are now available on TransDesign... I should have waited a day... Darn it!

I did purchase two other of the Orly Cosmix FX at Ulta because I just couldn't help myself. I will probably pick up the remaining 3 when the come in on the cheaper etailers.