Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weigh In

 I MADE IT ON BASE!!! With an RBI!!! *does a crazy dance*
(sorry, softball - first time since high school, so I am feeling awesome).

So this week I have been playing around with Shakeology recipes. I am trying to add in oatmeal just for fun. I also decided I wanted to start getting more muscle into my workouts so I ordered ChaLEAN Extreme to start weaving in to my Turbo Jam. I will definately let you know how that is.

The Bad
  • Hand Hurt - Still healing from softball. I couldn't use weighted hand gloves. Decreased calorie burn by 80 calories for 40 minutes.
  • It's getting harder to get a good calorie burn going - this is not really a bad thing except it's bad for my morale. It does mean that I am getting more fit. 
  • Bad Dinner With Old Friends - Saturday night I pretended Potatoes and Beer Bread didn't have calories (but I kept track of my alcohol intake). I swear those potatoes had crack in them.
  • Voluntarily Chose Fast Food - My allergist is right by Wendy's. I couldn't resist the call of fries, a kids meal cheeseburger and fries.
The Good
  • I am definitely getting more fit - See above comment about calorie burn.
  • My size 14 Gap Jeans fit again - Yeah, I know. GAP tends to stretch. But still.
  • I can zip up and button my goal jeans - My Joe's Jeans Honey's I purchased from EvilBay a long time ago have been a pair I have never been able to wear. I still can't - they look like hell on me. But I can zip them up.
  • I frakking got on base!!!! - Got a double and got stranded on third. But I got on BASE!!!!

Weight: 187.5 lbs (that's -3.3lbs this week!!!)

I took my weight 3 times today and  averaged it. 187.5 was the average weight.  I am very VERY happy with that.

Goals for Next Week
  • Lay off the fried food.
  • Get on base again. (You never know).
  • Get a workout in at least 6 days of the week. (Very doable).
Shakeology Samples
By the way, I have some Shakeology Samples. Not many. I have both Greenberry and Chocolate. But if you have been following me and are interested in trying Shakeology let me know that you want one by doing the following:
  • Join Beachbody through me
  • Sign up for the Free Membership - You can do the paid if you wan't, but you don't have to.Really the only difference is that you get access to meal plans.
  • Enter your information so I can connect with you.
If there are more of you who want to try Shakeology than I have samples, I'll order more and get them out to you. No worries. Just might take some time.