Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report: 20 lbs DOWN!!!!

Weight: 185.4 lbs (-2.1 lbs) Check my side bar - see the total loss! 20.4 lbs!!! Isn't that so cool!

I'm just going to revel in that number for a moment. Do you know why? Because it means I am 33% of the way toward my goal!

What Went Right This Week?
  • Will Power - I had a lot of opportunities to go crazier than I did in terms of eating. I may have squished some of the fun out of it for Mike, but I'm not going to a bar to play pool when I know I love bar food and a good beer (and shots, let's not forget those).
  • I Took A Day Off - I am coming to realize the "rest day" is not a bad thing. If I go too many days in a row working out, I don't want to do it and it's harder to get into. I take the rest day, then I am more energized the next. Also a day without activity makes me have to pay attention more to food.
  • Stayed Positive - I have a lot of good things happening for me right now. My blog just reached 100 followers (I will have to plan a surprise for that... I think I know what it will be). I am collaborating with some awesome people and companies right now. Ginger + Liz want me to keep up my Quest. And @SANTIONRICE is following me on twitter! (he follows everyone). But still cool! Been tweeting with @AltheaHarper about getting the Lorenzo dress from her Fall collection too... That is THE GOAL DRESS People!
  • I got on base for the second week in a row! Softball is improving! We still lost, but it's just so awesome.
What To Improve On Next Week
  • Keep up the momentum - Try to take fewer naps.
  • Try to get a new lo cal recipe into rotation - I need to cook for myself and not rely on Lean Cuisines when Mike isn't around.
  • Find a way to fit wine/beer into my diet - I love it too much to give up totally. Once in a while should be ok, but I don't know how so I have just been avoiding.
  • Find a way to do a video on the LoseIt app - this has been so helpful you have no idea. Every time I try to film it, the video turns out fuzzy.
 If you are interested in Turbo Jam, Shakeology, or Beachbody let me know. Or you can check out my site here. I'd love to have you join me on my weight loss and fitness journey!

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