Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

This week was really tough. I think it started around the weekend. I had very little energy. Then we had the neighborhood (carb fest) Block Party. I think it probably wasn't the amount of calories I was eating, but the quality of the calories I was eating. I had a lot of Lean Cuisines last week, and you know that's not great. I was sneaking snacks! A little tastes of the Dolce de Leche here, a couple of pretzels there. Pistachios... my dad eats those! I don't eat those! I did my best to keep track of calories, but I'll admit I forgot to add these little tastes here and there into the mix. And I know they add up.

Honestly, I am beginning to wonder if it's a bit of unconscious self-sabotage. I past the 20 lbs mark and that's so cool! But I know I have about 40 more to go... which seems terribly daunting. Do I have the fortitude to stick it out?

Weight: 182.6 (-1.2 lb)

What Went Right This Week
  • I put on my "my boobs look so great in this shirt" shirt and wore it to work. Someone called me "slim".  (I  love that shirt! Thank you Anthropologie!)
  • Things could have been a lot worse at that Carb Fest Block Party.
  • Drank, but kept it within calorie limits.
  • One of the maintenance guys at work was checking me out in a very obvious way. After not experiencing that in so long, it was nice. :)
Focus for Next Week
I still haven't decided how to work ChaLEAN Extreme into my workout schedule so that is still on my list. I need to get my momentum back. I think a new pair of shoes might help, so I should drag myself out to the store to get some.

Special Thanks to Michelle from All Lacquered Up
Just when I was feeling particularly down this week, I got a tweet from Michelle (talk about out of the blue):
Michelle AllLacqueredUp 

@styrch i am so inspired by your posts. you have no idea. it's amazing what you're doing. keep it up!
Then I thanked her and said something probably self-deprecating and she responded: 
@styrch you can do it girl. i've been motivated enough to workout more & eat better. you gotta keep it up! 

Thank you so very much Michelle. I really needed to hear that. And to hear it from you, was really something I didn't expect.  I very nearly cried. I hope she doesn't mind me posting that conversation here. I just wanted to thank her.