Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Lost Report

I was a little worried this week would be a bad one. I had a Poker night on Saturday where I was mysteriously drawn to the beer bread, Sunday I had dinner at The Melting Pot and it was fabulous as usual, and Monday a nice lunch with my husband at El Meson. Drinks were had, but I counted everything as best as I could in my Lose It! App and continued with my exercise.

Weight: 183.6 (-1.8 lbs) Awesome!

I really owe @Suzanne_Rogers a big "Thank You" this week. She is a fellow BeachBody Coach and she gave me some advice for a higher calorie burn with Turbo Jam: Follow Chalene. When she says to user your legs more, do it. Just use it to push everything as hard as you can. As a result of this advice rom Suzanne, I got my largest calorie burn to date on Cardo Party 3: 667 calories for 50 minutes.

What Went Right This Week?
  • Pushing harder during workouts.
  • Making smart dining out choices (at the Melting Pot I avoided the bread and stuck mostly to veggies in the entree).
  • Drink, but keep them to a minimum.
Focus for Next Week
I now have two programs - Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme. I need to figure out how I want to use both of them. I will continue with Turbo Jam and figure out what I want to do with CLX. My goal by next week is to have a game plan.

Want some pictures? Well you're getting some!

Ridiculous "Current" pictures...

Current Picture  - Soon to be a "Before" picture
Had my husband take pictures of me this week for Before/After pictures. I am supposed to do this for ChaLEAN Extreme. I haven't started the program yet because I am still trying to figure out how to put it together with Turbo Jam, but I will start it soon. So I might as well get these pictures out of the way. I felt utterly rediculous. I'm still flabby everywhere, but you know what? This is me 20 lbs leaner than I was 89 days ago. I personally like the shot of my back... I really lost a lot of the weight off of my back.

Back "Current" pic - soon to be "Before"
My dad would say this is gross. I know he would. Way to make me feel better, Dad.  But there it is! My back! Notice, you can see my shoulder blades. yeah, those weren't so visible before.

"Current" Side View - Soon to be "Before"
This is my husband's favorite thing: My boobs are sticking out just barely more than my stomach now. He loves that. Maybe it doesn't look like it in a sports bra, but oh well.

What do you think? Should I try a Turbo Jam/ChaLEAN Extreme Hybrid? Or just stick wtih what I'm doing? Or do ChaLEAN Extreme by itself? I'm undecided.