Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: Ling Skincare Pomegranate Detox Mask

One of the samples I was sent by Ling Skincare was the Pomegranate Detox Mask. I asked about this one (anything that says "Pomegranate" automatically intrigues me). The representative also told me it was good for acne. I imagine anything that would be the case when someone puts "Detox" in the name of the product.

Wait until you read what the website and literature says about this mask because it sounds like the Holy Grail to someone like me.

What the Website Claims
"Natural Pomegranate and Pumpkin Enzymes unlock dead, unhealthy cells, detoxifying the pores of impurities to reveal a clarified and refreshed complexion. Tea Tree oil delivers anti-bacterial properties without dryness or irritation, while Sea Whip soothes and reduces inflammation. Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is able to penetrate into the pore to reduce acne, blackheads and white heads."
 What My Big Book Of Ling Skincare Stuff Says
"This detox mask contains Beta Hydroxy Acids to even the complexion and eliminate acne bacteria build-up. A natural blend of Pomegranate and Pumpkin Enzymes digest dead skin cells and impurities trapped deep in pores. Tea Tree Oil provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties leaving you with a renewed and healthy complexion."

This mask is slightly peachy in color in the sample container but pretty much goes on your face clear and creamy. You can feel it drying as you wear it and the Tea Tree Oil certain smacks you in the face when you put it on (it stings a tiny bit if you have any broken skin on your face).

The cost of this product is $65 for 1.7 fl. oz. For that price I would expect noticeable results - a serious butt kicking mask.

My Results
My sample size only had enough in it or about 3 applications. You're supposed to use it 2 to three times a week for 10 minutes. I ended up using it primarily after softball games. Being a catcher, I know my face needs detoxing the most after  rolling around in the dirt for 1.5 hours. That being said, I didn't exactly use it as directed. But I wanted to use it sparingly to see if I could notice anything.
  • Claims to reveal a "renewed and healthy completion" - Not so much for me. The next day after the second time I used it I got a few more white heads than usual. That could be a side effect o the mask working, or coincidence. I know sometimes when using something new you go through a breaking out period as your skin adjusts.
  • Claims to do everything "without dryness or irritation" - Sorry Ling Chan, but my skin did feel more dry after using this product. I always wanted a moisturizer. I think it's the Tea Tree Oil doing it's thing. And since it stings on sensitive broken skin, yeah... it's a little irritating. 
  • Claims to "reduce acne, blackheads and white heads" - As I mentioned before I had a slight increase in white heads after using this mask. My acne is not reduced yet with this system over all and my blackheads are still around. But see the next point...
  • Claims to "detoxify pores of impurities" - Ok, I'll give them this one. I usually have very clogged pores around my nose and chin. So much so you can visibly see the build up. This isn't usually removed by cleansing alone. Immediately after using this mask had less visible clogged pores. So I believe it. 
Because of the last bullet, I have to say that if this were worked into a regular routine over time I think it could do what it says it does. But I don't think I had the time with it enough to judge it fully. The literature also says that it's "Product Partners" are the Herbal Clay Clarifying Mask and the Spotlight Resurface Papaya Peel. Having experience with the other two products on weekly basis with the Ling At-Home Facial, I think the three products together could be an awesome triple threat to my clogged pores. But I have no proof of that assumption. It could just be an "I have goop on my face" product. I also wonder where the AHA is. I'm so used to seeing AHA and BHA together.

Bottom Line (sort of... maybe not quite)
I am hesitant to recommend this one at this time on a hunch that long term it might help with clogged pores. If it were half the price I might say give it a shot. Out of the products I have tried in the Ling Skincare line this is not a "must have" for me. My mind could change on this. Budget allowing, I might consider purchasing this but am undecided at this time. Regardless, I am privileged to have gotten a chance to try this product.

Full Disclosure
The products in this review were furnished to me by Ling Skincare not only for my use but for review. I will not be compensated in any other way by Ling Skincare and have provided my honest opinion of the product. I don't sell Ling Skincare products, nor am I affiliated with Ling Skincare in any way.

Have You Used the Pomegranate Detox Mask Long Term?
If so, please share your experience. I would love to know, as a consumer, if you have anecdotal evidence that my hunch is correct.