Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: Qtica Intense Foot Repair Balm

Image from The Art of Beauty Website
Don't worry. I'm not going to bombard you with feet pictures.

I first received Qtica's Intense Foot Repair Balm nearly a month ago along with a bunch of other Qtica goodies. Out of everything I received this was the product I was most interested in trying because my poor feet really needed some TLC in a bad way. Let me explain my situation...

Foot Confession Time
No one wants to hear this but it is most definitely pertinent to my review. For the last year and a half I have been battling an on again, off again Athlete's Foot infection. I think it all started at getting dressed in the locker rooms at work over two years ago. Or it possibly started with my husband - he experienced symptoms first. Last year when spring came around I put on an old pair of Sketchers. The infection came back! Out went the shoes and into the dermatologist I ventured. Once I was cleared, I noticed my husband using Athlete's Foot cream about a month later. I got seriously angry because he didn't tell me. It's like he didn't understand that it's communicable and if you're sharing showers with people you need to advise them so they can take preventative measures. Sure enough, back came the infection. Since then I have been on meds daily hoping it won't come back.

The Point of the Story
I have not had a pedicure in a spa in well over a year and half. I have very callused feet in need of attention. Thank you, Good Fairy at Qtica!

What Qtica's Website Says
"Qtica Intense Overnight Foot Repair Balm helps to seal and heal the the most damaged, irritated feet and provides instant relief. A honey and vitamin base help to hydrate and provide an invisible natural protective coating that enables the skins natural healing process do it's work, while protecting from further irritation."

Thick pink cream. I had the 2 oz version so it came in a tub. I have a bit of difficulty imagining the cream coming out of tube, but it does come in tube form.

It has a strong scent that reminds me of my grandmother's night cream.  Most of the Qtica products in this "Intense" line do. PI have gotten used to it, but I don't like it. (As I review the products I received from Qtica you will be reading that statement again and again).

A 2 oz jar costs $18. For $20 dollars you can get a 3 oz tube. Or you can get an 8 oz tube for $30. If you're ordering for the first time, I recommend purchasing the 3 oz tube. This product goes fast if you're using it every night.

My Experience
Every night before going to bed I slathered Qtica Foot Repair Balm on my tootsies, paying particular attention to the areas that needed it: my big toes, my heels, the sides of my feet. Gradually, after the first two weeks (at least) of use I began to notice my feet becoming softer. Eventually I thought they were soft enough to use a foot file on my calluses. Success! lots of dead skin flying everywhere. I am in no way free of hard crusty feet, but I'm a lot better off than I was.

Incidentally, I recommend applying this product while you're in bed, keeping your feet off the floor. You will slip and slide and waste product if you're feet touch anything for at least $15 minutes after application. It takes time for this cream to soak in.

I could definitely see myself wanting to use this product after trade shows where I'm standing on the most uncomfortable floor for hours. This happens about once a year for me, but I could see Qtica Intense Foot Repair Balm being quite soothing for those situations. 

Bottom Line
Effective cream, not-so-great smell, a little pricey for everyday use. I recommend it for occasional use after foot filing unless you're trying to soften them up like I was. Skip the 2 oz Jar - it's not cost efficient. 

Word to the Wise:  If you're feet are infected with a fungus, your pedicurist will THANK you for not coming in. Mine did.

Full Disclosure
The products in this review were furnished to me by Zoya for my use, but not specifically for a review. I was not paid to provide this review, and have provided my honest opinion of the product. I don't sell Zoya or Qtica products, nor am I affiliated with Art of Beauty in any way.