Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zoya's Wicked Collection - Very Nearly My Dream Collection!

I am always curious of the origins of Zoya collections in terms of naming. This time, I think someone over at Zoya/Art of Beauty must really love Dancing With the Stars. I haven't seen this mentioned yet in any of the reviews I have read, but have you really examined the names in the Wicked and Wonderful collections? The Wicked Collection seems to be mostly named after the Professional Dancers (and a judge) while the Wonderful Collection seems to mostly be named after the Stars (and a host). Seriously...some fairy/pixie over there is having a TON of fun!

The Wicked Collection
("Wonderful" will come later)

This review is going to be a little different because, well, when was the last time you saw me do an entire collection? I don't often get the opportunity to do so. Please keep that in mind.I didn't wear these for an extended period. I also think my comments on application and finish are universal across this collection. I will discuss each color in the pictures area.

This collection very nearly my dream collection. I don't think I've liked a collection from Zoya this much since the Magique collection (Fall 2006?).  I said once that my dream collection would be for Zoya to make a collection of foils like Rea. These are not Rea-like foils... they are almost-but-not-quite foils. Therefore, this is almost-but-not-quite my dream collection.  If they were true foils, I'd be in lusty-love. But other than the near-foil finish there are only two things wrong with this collection:
  1. They could have ditched one of the reds for another exciting color
  2. It doesn't contain a "Sarah" polish.
But I can forgive those two things. On to the reviews!

All of these polishes went on with two coats, very evenly.

Each of these polishes is loaded with tiny glitter, nearly micro, giving these polishes a very close to foil finish. Some more so than others (like Carrie Ann and Kym). You will see what I mean.

 Now for the lovely ladies...


Edyta Silwinska
from ABC's Website

Edyta is a a drop dead gorgeous "dusty" deep green loaded with tiny, multicolor shimmer (though the predominate color seems to be gold). Yowza!  For me this color was love at first sight. And I know I keep saying this but I usually don't like greens! Zoya is making a liar out of me! Check out All Lacquered Up's Comparison to Rescue Beauty Lounge's Anne. Great minds...?


Julianne Hough
(Did zoya misspell?)
Image from

Julieanne reminded me a lot of Milani Totally Cool and I am tempted to swatch the two side by side. It is a medium purple with pink and gold tiny glitter flecks. I thought this would be my favorite of the collection because of my love of purples. But it actually is my third favorite.


Cheryl Burke
From ABC's Website
Cheryl is a gorgeous chocolate brown with the same micro shimmer as the rest of them. The shimmer gives it a little bit of a red caste in some angles. This is a great color to just get wrapped up in and feel comfortable with, the shimmer giving it a bit of an edge. Brown foil? Not quite... but close.


Karina Smirnoff
Image from Squidoo

Karina is a cherry red with the same shimmer. This one started to look a little more like foil on me. All of the reds in the bunch were like that. This color makes me want to lick the tips of my fingers because it just looks like candy!

Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann Inaba
From ABC's Website
Carrie Ann... Straight red loaded with shimmer. The most foil-like of the bunch. I was thinking it was sort of "Supergirl" red, and that I would love a pair of boots in this color. In fact, I saw a pair of boots in this color on Zappos a few years ago and didn't buy them - still regretting that $500-saving decision. However, in terms of this polish I would have ditched either Karina or Carrie Ann - I would not have had both of them because they feel a little redundant.


Kym Johnson
Image from TVfunspot

Kym is my surprise second favorite of the bunch! Yes, Kym needed three pictures because this is a really different looking red. Kym is a strawberry jam colored red. So it's red with a hint of brown in it as well as a hint of pink. it is not as bright as the other reds in this collection and is perfect if you are looking for something a little more subtle. I was sad that I had a cloudy day and couldn't get you a picture of this one outside - it's beautiful! The shimmer is gorgeous. I think this truly is a rather unique shade of red in my collection. It's also a foil finish.

Bottom Line
I recommend purchasing this entire collection if you're into shimmery polishes. There are colors in here for everyone!  If I had to pick favorites for you to grab individually, do not miss Edyta and Kym for sure. Cheryl and Julieanne both deserve consideration. Karina and Carrie Anne are both gorgeous but maybe not different enough to own both.

To Zoya
Can you please now do a True Blood collection? Sookie, Lafayette, Pam, Jessica, Tara, and Arlene are all cool names!

Zoya nail polishes retail for $7 each or you can purchase the entire Wicked collection for $36 at The Art of Beauty website

Full Disclosure
The products in this review were furnished to me by Zoya not only for my use but for review. Other than the products mentioned above I will not be compensated in any other way by Zoya and will provided my honest opinion of the product. I don't sell Zoya products, nor am I affiliated with Zoya/Art of Beauty in any way.