Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Battle of the Jeans - We are at a Crossroads and I Need To Choose...

Crossroad Demon with Sam from Supernatural (image via Google Images)
couldn't help myself...
As you may recall, on April 27th I embarked on a "Battle of the Jeans" between Gap and Old Navy. My reasoning was that I always seemed to run through Gap Jeans VERY fast and needed a large-friendly jean alternative. It was suggested to me, that I try Old Navy jeans. So I purchased a pair of Gap and a Pair of Old Navy Jeans at the same time, attempting to record how long it was before one or the other gave out. I kept track of how many times I washed them and how many times they were worn in order to take that into account as well. You can see the progress on the right hand side of this blog...

There is now a problem I had not factored into the Battle of the Jeans. WEIGHT LOSS!

I am no longer a size 16. And I am tired of walking around in jeans with a big flabby butt. And, most importantly, I can now fit into the "Goal" jeans: My Joe's Jeans Honeys in Nadja.

Oh, you need proof do you?

Back when I first brought my goal jeans to your attention, I said I would be wearing these by the end of summer "I promise." That was in may of 2009, so thank goodness I didn't say the end of WHICH summer, right? :)

And here's my big fat (but skinnier) butt in the jeans once more just because I frakking did it, baby!

(Yeah, my husband was taking pictures.)

Anyway, this poses a problem. How am I to continue the Battle of the Jeans? I very obviously can't continue to walk around with a flabby butt when I can fit into my goal jeans so nicely. I have also since purchased a couple of additional pairs of Joe's Jeans from Rue-La-La to fill my jean quota for the time being.  So I put it to a vote:

Your options:
  1. Abandon the Battle of the Jeans - let these jeans be preserved as they are for comparison sake when I finish my weight loss journey and to serve as a reminder of where I never want to be again.
  2. Pass on the Battle of the Jeans to another blogger out there willing to take it up (requirements: you continue doing what I've done and keep us updated here - and you have to fit into a size 16). 
  3. Donate the jeans to Good Will or some other donation place and forget the whole thing.
  4. Continue wearing the flabby jeans as much as I can regardless of how nice my booty looks in the new jeans.
  5. Start over with a new pair of Gap and a new pair of Old Navy (adding Joe's Jeans) and again with the possibility I will shrink out of them before they die. 
  6. Something I haven't thought of... tell me in comments.
 What should I do readers?