Thursday, September 16, 2010

China Glaze Halloween Awakening Collection - And Comparisons!

Hey read to the end - I've got comparisons!

If you have been following me on Twitter, you know I became obsessed with Zombie Zest! I had to have it. The reason: Resident Evil: Afterlife. How could I not go to that movie NOT wearing this polish?
Plus the promo image is so cool - That's actually a "hot" Zombie! (at least I assume she's a zombie since there's nothing remotely "Vampire" about this collection).

Thus an obsession was born. And I am happy to say that for me, this collection did not disappoint me in the slightest. Especially in the comparisons.

I applied each of these polishes with two coats. I will admit that because of how much glitter is involved in these polishes, you must be careful of drag when applying the second coat. Make sure your first coat is just dry enough (or just wet enough) where you won't have mishaps (and yes, you'll see mine).

Really great! Over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator topped with Seche Vite (yes I know I should have tried the Fast Forward). I was particularly happy with how Zombie Zest wore compared to Orly It's Not Rocket Science (but that's another post).

The Colors
Each of these are quite a bit of fun...

Mummy May I?
This is a gorgeous purple glitter in a blackened base. To me it had a "Bad Romance" (Deborah Lippmann) vibe going on and I will be doing a comparison swatch later.

An orange glitter in a similar caramel colored base. The base is a bit brown, which gives this sort of a ghoulish cast. I was reminded of Deborah Lippmann Superstar - and yes I do have a comparison of that as well!

Zombie Zest
At long last... my obsession! Zombie Zest is a lime green glitter inside of a brownish green base. It is Twin-ish to Orly It's Not Rocket Science but the brown tint to it does set it apart. I will fully admit though - there are times where it is a little reminiscent of the product of a sinus infection. But hey, zombies aren't exactly as elegant as in the promo ad for this collection, right?

Bottom Line
I am absolutely endorsing purchasing this set if you have your eye on any of these colors. They are fun, and (if you keep reading) good alternatives to some other major polish players out there.

Comparisons - Oh yes, all of these have cousins!
If you weren't convinced to purchase this set, I can give you three good reasons right here: Superstar, It's Not Rocket Science, and Bad Romance:

The Roundup

Deborah Lippmann Superstar (left), China Glaze Ick-a-Body (right)
Really, needed a second picture to see the difference.
Deborah Lippmann Superstar vs. China Glaze Ick-a-Body
Yes, Superstar is a bit more brassy, a little less orange. But seriously, if you want the look-for-less, I would choose China Glaze Ick-a-Body. I am not a large Superstar fan, so I would be perfectly happy having Ick-a-Body instead.  
Winner: China Glaze Ick-a-Body - due to the price differential.

Orly It's Not Rocket Science (Left), China Glaze Zombie Zest (right)

Orly It's Not Rocket Science vs. China Glaze Zombie Zest
Kissing cousins! Very similar polishes! Unless you go really close it' is very hard to tell the difference. They could be twins in certain light. But the brownish base of Zombie Zest sets it apart. Here's the kicker for me: Zombie Zest had FAR better wear on my tips than It's Not Rocket Science which chipped almost immediately.  
'Winner:  China Glaze Zombie Zest - due to the wear.

Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance vs. China Glaze Mummy May I?
Another "get the look-for-less" comparison. Bad Romance is like Mummy May I? all grown up. These two polishes are admittedly different simply because of the large hexagonal glitter in Bad Romance. But if you don't want to pay the price for Bad Romance, then Mummy May I? may be a really good option in your polish arsenal.
Winner: Tie. Slight edge to Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance - due to the hexagonal glitter factor. Of course, if you don't like hexagonal glitter, then this could be a reason NOT to choose the Lippmann too.

I purchased my set at