Friday, September 17, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection - "Hotsy Totsy" Set

After playing with China Glaze Vintage Vixen Set "The Cats Meow" I really didn't think it would be possible for me to like "Hotsy Totsy" more than "The Cats Meow" but I really do. This is sort of like the "Office Appropriate" set of colors, comfort colors, a little more traditional.  Midnight Mission aside, when I think of myself returning to these colors during the fall season I can see myself reaching for the colors in this set more often. This set,  which I also purchased from TransDesign,  consists of the colors "Jitterbug", "Boogie", "Hey Doll", "Foxy", "Ingrid" and "Swing Baby".

All colors were applied with two coats over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with one coat of Seche Vite with one exception: Swing Baby. Swing Baby took 3 coats to be opaque. My brush was also an absolute mess:

Bad "Swing Baby" brush with splayed out bristles
China Glaze contacted me via twitter, apologized for the bad brush, and said they would replace the color. This is wonderful news because, as you'll see below, Swing Baby has my name written all over it.

I had no difficulty with wear of these polishes with the exception of Ingrid and Swing Babay, both of which was entirely my fault. I put them through a house cleaning before photographing. I truly had no choice. You won't have problems with the wear on any of these polishes.

The Colors
I found these colors to be slightly more traditional than The Cats Meow colors. I also personally thought they fit the mood of the 1940's motif far better than The Cats Meow set. Each one of these polishes has a slightly retro feel to me, including the metallics.

Grey-silver metallic foil. It does have a bit of that "Superman 3" Robot lady feel to it but not as much as some other polishes I own. I have some definite comparisons I can make,  OPI Rinse Charming for example, but I think what sets this polish apart is that it is darker, a bit more grey than silver.

I didn't think I would like this color when I saw it in the bottle but clearly this purple metallic with little multi-colored glittery particles for subtle depth is right up my alley. Depending on the light you will get a different cast to it (as you can see from my pictures) though it is not a duo-chrome. Quite a bit of depth here. That being said, you probably have something similar already if you're a purple fan.

Hey Doll
Another surprise love for me. Hey Doll is a rosy color with a bit of taupe thrown in. The fact that it is a metallic bordering on foil just adds to it's awesomeness. Colors like this usually let me down, but I found myself staring at my tips all day when wearing this. I will go back to this one.

So this is Foxy. Metallic Red with a hint of gold shimmer. Blah blah... snore. I kept thinking back to OPI Russian To A Party and other classic red hues that have been done. I've seen this before and I feel like own a bunch of colors exactly like this. Nothing about it is exciting, though I can understand it's place within the collection. It's the "normal" and "tame" counterpart to "Going' My Way" in Cat's Meow. It's a skip for me - and I may have to do some comparisons.

This taupe-chocolate color with extremely subtle shimmer has captured my heart. Like many of the Chanel Satin colors, the shimmer is so subtle you can't tell it's there unless you are really looking. This color is rich and decadent. If you're not rocking it this fall in some gorgeous complimentary sweaters I'm going to be questioning your sanity. Pick Ingrid up even if you don't think the color is for you. I am sure you'll find a use for it.

Swing Baby
You got three pictures because this polish is a bit unusual. Problems with a misshapen brush aside, and the fact that I had to use three coats to achieve opacity, I still love this polish. It's a beautiful champagne foil. The particles remind me of golden static. It could almost be a sister with Kaleidoscope, but I don't think they even come close to being dupes - this one  has more of a brown  tint in some lights. Like coco drenched marshmallows if they shimmered.

Bottom Line
My top two for this collection are Ingrid and Swing Baby, with Hey Doll and Boogie following closely behind. Although I like Jitterbug there are other foil silvers out there so I can't really recommend it highly. Skip Foxy unless your a red devotee - you've seen her before I guarantee it.

I purchased these polishes with my own money from TransDesign.