Friday, September 24, 2010

Giveaway! Gingerkitty Designs Jewelry - Making Your Favorite Polish Shades Last

Oh boy do I have a treat for you nail polish lovers! (Giveaway at the tail end of this post).

An Early Gingerkitty Design
(shes' come a long way!)
Over the past month or so I've been working something out with the lovely Tracey of Gingerkitty Designs. I keep calling her "Glitterkitty" because of the gorgeous sparkly designs she creates! So forgive me if I err in this post. I remember back many moons ago on the MUA nail board when Tracey began her endeavor to capture forever the gorgeousness of some of her favorite polishes to wear as jewelry. For many of us polish lovers this was a bit of a dream come true. For me, personally, I thought it was a lovely way to preserve the gorgeousness of those "Hard to Finds". Could you imagine - a charm bracelet with you 10 favs, or something of that nature? How awesome!

Gingerkitty Designs In the Press
Since those days, Gingerkitty Designs has exploded into quite a well known little business. You've seen many pieces about her I'm sure on many blogs (here's an article by Scrangie). You also may have seen this Inspirationail Piece.

Tracey's pieces have been featured in the August Issue of Nails Magazine (ALU had a lovely little write up on that).  She also recently had some pieces worn during New York Fashion Week. If you followed Gingerkitty Designs on Twitter (@gingerkittyd) then you know how over-the-moon Tracey was about that development. And those of us who remember the birth of enameled nail lacquer jewelry were excited for her!

Example of NFU-Oh Rings
(mine is purple)
Ordering from Gingerkitty Designs
Now if you're like me, you've admired Tracey's designs for a long time but have put off ordering for a variety of reasons. Let me tell you why should put those fears to rest:
  • Each piece is crafted so that YOU will love it. Tracey will work with you on the design and she is very accommodating.
  • If you're worried about materials, don't be. Tracey uses sterling silver plated and takes great care to make sure her customers get what they pay for.
  • If you're worried about the price, you really DO get something that has good quality materials and a lot of hard work (and heart) has gone into. Seriously. The price point was always my hang up but once I realized how hard Tracey worked to please her customer my fears melted away. That and she seduced me with an NFU-Oh ring that I HAD to have. :)
I had the opportunity to ask Tracey a few questions about herself and her business:

What Tracey Would Like to Tell You About Her Business:
"It is the only place "where nail polish turns into jewelry".  My goal would be to design jewelry full time!  I have so many ideas but not enough time to work on them all.
I have always loved anything related to nail polish and this is what put me on the path to creating this line of jewelry.  
I love input and comments from people that share my love for nail polish!  I love when people say, "Tracey, have you ever tried this combo of colors? or "I do not wear rings, how about a bracelet?" (which I will have in my store soon)! 
I love chatting with my customers on twitter or by email and I love to hear new ideas from them.  I welcome all comments about my work, what they would like to see in future, etc.  Feedback gives me great insight into what a customer would love to see from me"
What Tracey Would Like You to know about herself:
"My mother is a breast cancer survivor and I get my drive from her.  She is an absolutely amazing women and after I proudly watched her kick breast cancer in the ass, I know that anything in life is possible, you just have to fight for it.

I have been happily married for 12 years and am the proud mother of two wonderful boys, Ryan (10) and Dylan (7). My family is my first priority, if I am twittering with you...most likely I am sitting on a soccer or baseball field cheering for one of my sons while doing it. 

My day job is working as a financial controller in the manufacturing field and I design my jewelry at night (I am a night owl and always have been). "

What About Mistakes? (What I wanted to know about Gingerkitty Designs)
"It made me laugh when you asked because the answer was "OMG...definitely!" 
To name just a few......
 ~ I have made some pieces with hideous color combinations
 ~ water marbled on the wrong side of the glass
 ~ as with your piece, used acetone nail polish remover on an acrylic piece and "eaten" away at the finish.
 ~ made a beautiful piece and while moving it to the drying rack - dropped it!  (this one breaks my heart when it happens)
and the list goes on and on...."

Example Using CND Effects
What's new from Gingerkitty Designs? Water Marbling!!!
Tracey's designs have gone from basic to being quite dramatic and artistic. She has discovered a "water marbling" technique to create some very interesting and unique pieces. You need to see what she's doing now with CND Effects because it has brought a whole new dimension to her work. Here's what she had to say about the process:
"I am constantly trying to improve and use different processes while making my nail polish jewelry.  After seeing many different version of water marbling techniques on nails, I decide one day to try it in my jewelry.  It was a complete disaster at first LOL!  I ended up with nail polish all over me and a very ugly piece of jewelry.

This technique takes alot of practice and I had to change the way it is done to adapt it into  jewelry design.  The result....AMAZING!  I love building colors and how certain colors make other just "pop" out.   I enjoy mixing glitters, holos and other colors into a beautiful design."
Which of course, brings us to the giveaway!

As I mentioned, Tracey and I have been cooking up this giveaway for a while. She and I got into a conversation about what I would like to have for a giveaway and of course I wanted a Hard to Find polish. But I couldn't decide on OPI La Bohem or China Glaze Moonpool (two of my most favorite polishes ever). Tracey immediately ran with the idea and through a stroke of genius created a design incorporating both Hard to Finds:

Image is Gingerkitty Design's Image

To me, I looked at this color combination reminds me lillys rather than Christmas (Which I was afraid of). Tracey has turned this into a GORGEOUS necklace for one of you! The piece is absolutely stunning and the winner of this extraordinary hybrid of the two most sought after polishes will be EXTREMELY lucky!

Giveaway Rules
To enter, you must do the following:
  1. Comment on this post. 
  2. List what YOUR ideal Gingerkitty Design piece would look like. Could be something Tracey has come up with already or something totally new. You saw Tracey's words - she's always looking for feedback so lets give her some ideas!
  3. Make sure you are following my blog via Google Friend Connect and/or leave your twitter name so I can contact you. You can leave your email if you like in the form of (myname at domain dot com). If I CANNOT contact you, you WILL NOT win.
If you want an extra shot at winning, tweet the following:
RT and follow @styrch and @gingerkittyd to win a one of a kind neclace! #prettyindaytongiveaway
You must have commented on this blog post to be eligible regardless of a tweet.

The winner will be announced Friday, October 1th. I will stop taking entries at Noon Dayton time.

Good luck! 

If you would like to see more of Gingerkitty's Designs (even before they go on sale) see Gingerkitty on Flickr! And of course, the Gingerkitty Designs Etsy Shop! She's even provided us with a 25% off coupon code: GKDPID just contact her through etsy to use it or email her at Gingerkittydesigns at gmail dot com.

All images in this post are property of Gingerkitty Designs and have been used with Tracey's expressed permission.