Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going from Brunette to Blonde... Oh the Torture!

In case you were wondering what it would take to go from being brunette to blonde in the time span of about 2.5 hours, I figured I'd show you:

This is me after sitting under a hot drier "processing" for a good long while. My wonderful stylist, Genny, from Hausfelds Salon in Springboro said that it was the most foils she's ever put into someone's hair. Basically, due to how dark my hair was she had to do an all over highlight in order to lift the color out and keep it looking natural (if that's possible).

Believe it or not, I consider going to get my hair done by Genny to be one of the best after-work relaxers ever, even if it involves incredibly strange torturous things like a head full of tin foil under a very hot drier. You wouldn't believe the sweat dripping down from my heat from the combination of metal paper and hot air.

Want to see me blonde? Well, you'll have to wait for tomorrow!