Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guest Review : The Book Pixie 's First Meow Cosmetics Purchase

Introduction to The Book Pixie

The "Book Pixie"  has been a good friend of mine since I was a freshman in high school. I have never known her to wear much makeup. So when she contacted me and said she ordered Meow Cosmetics because of a post I had made I was surprised. When I asked her what she bought I realized there were not any similarities between her order and my own so I asked if she'd be willing to swatch her items for me. What she gave me was an entire review! How lucky are we??? Please welcome my friend, The Boo Pixie. I hope that you enjoy her review as much as I did and that she continues to contribute in the future!

The Book Pixie's Review of Her Meow Cosmetics Purchase

I'll let you in on a secret here: I'm a grown woman and I've never really learned to do my eyes. Sure, I can use those 3-in-1 kits you get at the drugstore -- the kind that have three pre-coordinated colors and instructions on the back of the case -- and make it look great. But whenever I try to create a Look from scratch, it comes out oddly at best.

Most of the time I give up, stick with the neutral minimum, and move on.

But once in a while, something inspires me to do better. This week, that something is Meow Cosmetics. I’d heard about Meow a few years ago, back when I first started reducing the unknown chemicals I kept around the house, but never really pursued it. Not until I saw those great colors posted here last week.

Pretty in Dayton was just so pretty! How could I resist?

Shipping of my samples was very fast, and everything came neatly packaged in little plastic bags.

Photographed with flash to catch the irridesence in the top row.

Photographed without flash to show the Matte shades in the bottom row
Since it's a holiday this weekend and we're feeling festive, I'll show you the shimmer eye shadows first. The photos don't do their sparkle justice, but at least I can show you the basic colors here on my arm:

From left to right: Monsoon, Piranha, Torch, Siren, That Cat! and Caterwaul

Lost Rainforest: Monsoon
A pretty, glittery, dusty ocean blue.

Lost Rainforest: Piranha
This is a gorgeous aqua green. I fell in love with it the minute I took it out of the bag. For some reason, it looks more like a sea green on my arm (and a bit lighter in person than in the photo) - but when I try it on my eyes, the teal tones definitely come back through.

Lost Rainforest: Torch
This is a wonderful, glittery peach. I tend to have trouble with pinks and peaches, because if I don't apply them just right, my eyes skip right over pretty and straight into the "puffy" look. Torch is no exception for me with this, but it begs so loudly to be adored that I'm now scouring YouTube for tips.

Lost Rainforest: Siren
I see this as a plum, but a cool-toned plum with just a hint of warmth. Vibrant and elegant, it feels easy to incorporate this one into several different styles.

Ideal Eyes: That Cat!
I got this as a sample, and the pigmenting is wonderful. The color fills in so easily, even with a single coat. The purrrlized effect is still shimmery, but not glittery/sparkly like the rainforest group, which makes it feel more versatile. Unfortunately, this particular color just isn't one I see being flattering to my skin tone, so I probably won't ever wear it.

Ideal Eyes: Caterwaul
Wine colored in the bag, but deep brown with plum accents on the skin. Caterwaul has all the good characteristics listed above AND is my color! Seeing it in play, I think the free samples did their job well: I've been inspired to check out the Ideal Eyes line in more depth for my next batch of samples.

I had a great time playing with the shimmering shadows. Unfortunately, while Meow says they're iridescent without glittering, I definitely felt glittery - and there are times when the Rock Star Glam look just won't cut it.

So next I turn to the Cat Eyes line, which is Meow's matte series of shadows.

After swatching both types, I feel like the matte shadows are less pigmented than the shimmer lines -- they take a little more work to build up. On the other hand, I find that matte shadows tend to be more forgiving of various skin types and ...gasp ...inexperienced hands (like mine), so I am still eager to try them out.

From Top To Bottom: Shadowcat, Rythm & Mews, Cat Nappin' Trophy Cat, Bitchy, Virgin

Cat Eyes: Shadowcat
A dusky purple with warm tones.

Cat Eyes: Rhythm & Mews
I really wanted to like this one. In the bag it's the color of lavender blossoms - a muted blue-toned purple - and looks simply delicious. Unfortunately, the first thing I think of when I see it on myself is what a perfect shade it is for bruises. On someone with skin that welcomes cool tones I think it could be lovely… but it’s simply not, on mine.

Cat Eyes: Cat Nappin'
This is a nice deep periwinkle blue that comes out slightly darker on my skin than in the bag. I like the intensity it offers, and look forward to playing around with it more in the future.

Cat Eyes: Trophy Cat
Trophy Cat is an appropriate name, since it's very close to a shimmer-free gold. The shade comes out as a very warm yellow, and works beautifully on my eyes when I use it on the inner corners.

Cat Eyes: Bitchy
A beautiful, clean neutral for those days you want the natural look. Bitchy is almost identical to Virgin, but slightly more pink.

Cat Eyes: Virgin
Another beautiful, clean neutral for the natural look, but slightly more yellow/beige than Bitchy. Depending on your skin tone, either Virgin or Bitchy seem perfect daytime shades for browbone accents and other barely-there touches.

Just for fun, I also tried out four of the blushes - two from the Lost Rainforest collection, and two from the Lush Blush group. Both collections have the same shimmering luminescence that comes across as dewy or pearlized rather than glittery.

From Left to Right: Heliconia, Forest Flame, Wanton, A Lick & a Promise

Rainforest Blush: Heliconia
Like A Lick & A Promise below, this feels like a candy pink to me - but one with a lot of salmon in it. It looks bright for my skin in the swatch on my arm, but surprisingly fine on my face. This might be my least favorite of the group, but that’s mainly because of how much I like the others.

Forrest Flame
Rainforest Blush: Forest Flame
This is Heliconia's paler sister - and I love her. Forest Flame gives me this subtle glow that is barely notable, but looks healthy and amazing. It is the most coral-toned of the bunch, and I am surprised how well it works with my skin. If I have to pick a favorite for general use, this one is it.

Lush Blush: Wanton
A less orange-toned blush with hints of pink, beige and plum, bringing out the cheekbones with that lovely rich glow.

A Lick & a Promise
Lush Blush: A Lick & A Promise
The website said it was a true bubble-gum pink. The photo on the website didn't look like bubble-gum to me. But on my arm? Yup ...bubble-gum! I would expect it to be too cool-toned to look natural on my face, but it’s pale enough to suggest a surprisingly youthful, happy glow without looking out of place.