Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Obe-Day! Oberon (Turbo Kitty) Turns 7!

Cicero got his day in the sun this year, so it's only fair that his brother does too!

Happy Birthday, Oberon!

Halloween, 2009

Some of you refer to Oberon as "Turbo Kitty" because he loves to do parts of my Turbo Jam workouts with me. He is also known as "Obe", "Oh-d-handsome", "O-d-black-one", "O-d-bubbly", "Oh-bologna", and other nicknames. My favorite, "Oberonie". But he is definitely a unique kitty. My husband's favorite thing to call him: "Samuel L. Cat-son".

When we first got Oberon, we only knew one thing: Cicero needed a sibling. He was just too much of a handful by himself. Oberon was going to be sent to SICSA the local shelter when I happened to become aware that this kitty needed a home. He had two brothers and a sister and a very feral mom. But Oberon seemed to be the most outgoing of the bunch. We wanted outgoing because we needed a kitty who could stand up to Cicero.

Well, Oberon's never been able to stand up to Cicero. He's a bit of a pacefist. He has the potential for kitty fighter greatness but he is much more a lover and not a fighter. It's amazing that he went from being such a scared scrawny kitty to the big handsome blackness that he is today. I really wish he photographed better. He has what I like to call "Antonio Bandares Bedroom Eyes."

Anyway, there's my O-d-bubbly. He's probably waiting for me to go workout with him so I had better get to that. Happy Birthday, Oberon. You're 7 years old!