Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Deborah Lippmann Holiday Polishes Online!

I so wish I could try these in person right now. Deborah Lippmann sent out a message to the masses today announcing two new polishes for the holidays. I'm seeing glittery goodness once again in our collective nail futures! But it comes at a higher price tag. The descriptions in the email that was sent around to the mailing list describe a bit why:

From Deborah Lippman's Website

Today Was A Fairytale
"Today Was A Fairytale is a Virgin Diamond Powder-infused silvery-blue starlight shade with brilliant silver sequins. I created Today Was A Fairytale to provide show-stopping sparkle that fans could see from the audience. Today Was a Fairytale is exclusively for those nights when you're going to bring down the house."
Clue me in - what's Virgin Diamond? Because I'm pretty sure Ms. Lippmann didn't mean the definition I found from the Urban Dictionary via Google. I don't know about you but this one has me drooling just a bit. I love silver-blues and you know I'll violate the rule of only wearing it to "bring down the house". I hope it is a lot like the picture because it almost looks like it should have that denim caste to it. The diamond in it has me remembering the look that Deborah Lippmann showed at the Oscars earlier in the year, but I doubt this is quite as out there, or as expensive.

From Deborah Lippmann's Website

Boom Boom Pow
"Boom Boom Pow is a glamorous, glimmering 24-carat Gold-flecked explosion that was inspired by an editorial shoot that I worked on with Kate Moss. The iconic supermodel was being photographed in the nude dripping in gold jewelry, from bold necklaces to chunky cocktain rings. I wanted to caputre the ultimate opulence of the gold nail being THE accessory in Boom Boom Pow."
As if there was a chance I wouldn't be interested in this just for the name alone! Come on! Of course I would! Gold usually isn't my thing, but the right gold polish is a precious thing to have indeed.

Now the mention of "Virgin Diamond" and "24-carat Gold" has me thinking that Deborah Lippmann is taking a page out of the Chanel play book - I know you remember Gold Fiction (which I do not own). As with the Chanel, along with the precious ingredients comes a higher price tag of $20 a bottle as opposed to $18. Perhaps a reasonable jump instead of Chanel's wopping $30 charge.

Will you be polishing your tips with this bling? The new polishes can be found on Deborah Lippmann's Website.