Thursday, September 2, 2010

Polish: Barielle Shades - Lava Rock

Here's a shade from Barielle's collaboration with All Lacquered Up.

I must admit, I am not as in love with this color as I was when the collection first debuted on All Lacquered Up. I think it's because I have a lot of similar shades. In fact, I purchased a similar shade from Barielle in the same order: Hidden Hideaway. They have very different bases, and the end results are different but they are enough alike that at a distance you can't tell them apart. I'll show you a comparison. I might as well throw my beloved "Roach Tips" (OPI Black Tie Optional) in there just because. Maybe even Color Club Catwalk Queen. Yay! I love doing comparisons!

Black base with reddish purple shimmer in it.

Two coats. But I don't like Barielle's brush as much. I ended up making some application mistakes I had to go over.

This one was very chippy on me over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator topped with Seche Vite. That is partially do to my nails and partially the polish this time.

Bottom Line
While I wouldn't want to discourage you from supporting a fellow blogger's collaboration with a brand (which is awesome), you may want to check your stash for dupes and near-dupes before purchasing.

Then again, this collection has been out for a year. You probably have this already.

Barielle Shades can be purchased from their website for $8